Anxiety As Mugabe Fails To Return Home From Singapore

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe failed to return home Wednesday, fuelling further speculation about his health.

Government officials on Tuesday had said the veteran ruler would return from Singapore to chair a Cabinet meeting the following day.

President Mugabe left Zimbabwe on March 31 and his aides said he had gone to the Asian country to prepare for his daughter, Bona’s further studies.

But his long absence sparked speculation that he was seeking treatment for prostate cancer and eye problems.

The rumours reached fever pitch at the weekend when a UK-based Zimbabwean website claimed President Mugabe was fighting for his life at a hospital in Singapore.

An official in the President’s Office Wednesday evening said Mugabe was now expected back home on Thursday morning, but did not give reasons for the delay.

He said his flight was expected at the Harare International Airport at 6am local time.

Senior officials from his Zanu-PF party dismissed reports that the 88-year-old ruler was on his death bed as ‘hogwash’.

A healthy lifestyle

A number of Zanu-PF supporters were at the airport on Wednesday, but had to disperse in the evening.

The Zimbabwean leader has in the past laughed off international media reports about his purported death.

In interviews on state radio to mark his 88th birthday in February, President Mugabe compared himself to Jesus Christ, saying he had died and resurrected many times.

“I have died many times. I have actually beaten Jesus Christ because he only died once,” he said.

He said he expected to live much longer because he led a healthy lifestyle, characterised by abstinence from alcohol and tobacco, as well as having a balanced diet and regular exercise.

However, leaked US diplomatic cables last year quoted the Governor of Zimbabwe’s Central Bank, Dr Gideon Gono, saying President Mugabe suffered from advanced prostate cancer.

The cable, penned by former US ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee, said the long time ruler had been given less than five years to live.

Last year, President Mugabe made more than eight trips to Singapore where he was reportedly undergoing cancer treatment.

Source: Africa Review

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