I Am Seeing Death Around A Nollywood Actor – T.B JOSHUA

Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2012 said he’s seeing death around a male actor, calling for serious prayers to avert another death in Nigeria’s movie industry known as Nollywood.

He said this during his second Church service on Easter Sunday.

TB Joshua is known for his prophecies which come to pass. On February 5, Prophet T.B. Joshua predicted, live on the hit Nigerian Christian channel Emmanuel TV, that an African leader would die within 60 days.

Mr Mutharika’s death came hot on the heels of Mr Joshua’s repetition of his prophecy two Sundays ago, when he narrowed down the location of the presidential demise, eliminating West Africa: “I’m seeing a sudden death. This is as a result of sickness. Quote me. The Lord showed me the country . . . this is not even in West Africa.”

  1. Adetayo farouk Reply

    Pray to the male actor.make it happen

  2. nancy amadi Reply

    Pls pray 4 me nd my brothers, nd pray 4 the actor make it not cum to pass.

  3. Aj Reply

    After u ve killed at 9ite, u want him to come for prayers, u Fak, u trying to kill another 1 again, sodat ur church will be booming, 4 money, May God Help u,

  4. Hackman Reply

    In the last days there wil be fake prophets who wil use my name”,jesus said,u n the actor u r in the same group of satanists and u kno wat he wrong and his punnishment z death(At ur club).why nat prophecising poor people in villages?are only those influential people or wel known people wil go to heaven?shame on u T.B,U are being uzed wrongly.

  5. Bingu wa mthalika Reply

    Nthng 2 say lets just play 4 ths actor

  6. Bingu wa mthalika Reply

    Nthng 2 say lets just play 4 ths actor if possible.

  7. rudebway Reply

    You motherfucker,son of a bitch.you killed our president.u wanted to milk money from just 4a single prayer.now u want to kill an actor.suck yo dick asshole.lucky that u are far from us sucker.fuck you with your stupid god.

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