PHOTOS: Steven Kanumba’s Funeral (Several Women Fainted)

More than 30,000 people scrambled all over the cemetery in Dar es Salaam, climbing walls and dodging police officers to have a final look at Kanumba before being lowered in his grave.

Fellow Bongo Movie actress, Irene Uwoya lost consciousness and had to be carried away for further help.

The Tanzania’s most popular film star Steven Kanumba, died on Saturday.

Tanzanian actor, Steven Kanumba's mother

Nicknamed “The Great”, Mr Kanumba was a household name in Tanzania.

He starred in most major “Bongo” films, as local movie industry is called.

He had also recently become popular in Ghana and starred in Nigeria’s Nollywood films.

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    really we miss u… still watching ur …. RIP Steve kanumba…. still in our hearts forever….

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    we still love you and miss you alot kanumba RIP

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