VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Playground Politics Between IMF & Africa – By HBO

A satire describing the politics between Africa, America and IMF. Scroll down fro video…

Africa: America, I’m hungry.

America: Sorry to hear.

Africa: Can we have some food?

America: Not for free, you can’t! Do you have some natural resources we might be interested in?

Africa: What’s natural resources like, food and gas?

America: No. Like gold, diamond, oil…

Africa: Oh yeah! Tons of..

America: IMF get over here.

IMF: What can I do for you?

America: Africa, this is the International Monetary Fund. They’re gonna give you tons of food and money.

Africa: Hi. You guys are so nice. When do you want us to pay you back?

America: Honestly, your interest is going to be more than your GDP. So, you will never really be able to pay back.

Africa: America, thank you for this food. Tell you what, if you have any companies that want our resources, we’d love to have them.

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