New Video: Boko Haram Leader Threatens To “Devour” President Jonathan In 3 Months

In a new video posted on Youtube today, the leadership of the Jama’atu Ahl-Sunnati Lil Da’awati Wal Jihad popularly known as Boko Haram today stated that President Goodluck Jonathan cannot end its insurgency in June as publicly stated. Sheik Abubakar Imam Shekau the leader of the group also boasted that Nigerian security agencies cannot take down the sect by June 2012 as earlier promised by the president recently in South Korea.

The sect leader who appear agitated throughout the video recording was surrounded by several bodyguards. Shekau delivered the message via a Youtube video which lasted for 14 minutes and two seconds. In it Shekau also threatened to consume Jonathan’s regime in 3-months.

The video message was titled “Message To Jonathan”

In the preamble of the message, Shekau vowed that it must destroy Christians and Christianity in Nigeria particularly those killing Muslims in Nigeria and it will also kill all Muslims aiding the arrest and harassment of its members.

The message as conveyed by its principal Sheik Abubakar Imam Shekau was mainly in Arabic and Hausa language.

Shekau said, “You Jonathan cannot stop us like you boasted, instead we will devour you in the three months like you are boasting. If death is your worldly gain, for us, it is eternal victory to die working for Allah. Our joy is to die in Jihad for Allah against infidels like you…”

“We are also aware of some Muslims using our name to make money, we will say nothing but let them continue, and they will meet Allah in the last day.

“We are not doing physical human service, but Allah’s work and it is clear your aim is killing us. Let me tell you with Allah we will triumph over you and your men in hundreds. We are not boasting rather keeping quiet and working for Allah.

“Allah that finishes Pharaoh and others wicked rulers that you are not even up to them, will finish you and end your government. We are not afraid because we are not doing man work but Allah’s work. And we will see who will carry the day.”

Courtesy: SaharaReporters

  1. GODSON Reply

    This is insane!
    This is madness! stupidity in men, working through men.
    It’s obvious you guys have built yourselves palace in HELL! Get lost knows you idiots exist.
    I’m sure you bastards are very much ready to die and join your cohorts in HELL!

  2. sunday Reply

    wrong indoctrination is a big problem, so these foolish boys tought thay are acting right when they are preparing hell for themselves. its a pity. how can you destroy what God has created because you want defend God. you are defending allah and not Almighty God. this is the difference btw allah and God.

  3. Yakubu audu Reply

    It is a pity that some people chose to make dia supreme being look like a statue that is helpless if not if ALLAH IS TRUELY GOD THE MAKER OF MANKIND THEN NO HUMAN SHOULD FIGHT FOR, FOR MY GOD SAID “VENGENCE IS MINE“ Y IS ALLAH ASKIN MERE MORTALS TO KILL 4 HIM?

  4. kalmatullah Reply

    U know when the devil ties someone with a twine, that person will definately behave like a swine. How can u fight for ALLAH? That is hypocritical mockery. May God forgive u and ur generation who hate christianity with passion that u want to wipe it in Nigeria. If Nigeria is ur own u will tell us, u servants of satan the looser.

  5. Abdulateef Reply

    These people are devil in human flesh, anybody can claim to be sent by Allah as long as they realized that His punishment is not instant like we human. How can any sane person claim to be fighting for ALLAH and be killing innocents people going about there normal duties? To fight for Allah is not to start killing people but try to change people through preaching and doing goods for the benefit of human raise. Allah gave the Islam which means peace and cannot accept killing others and causing disturbances to the society. Let this people realize that the punishment of ALLAH will soon catch up with them and the whole world will surely see there evil deeds. For the hereafter, ALLAH Himself knows what to do with them. In all, Insha Allah, their end will soon come, ma sha Allah.

  6. Auwal Reply

    This is not a way of Islam, Stop parading your self as working for Allah. Allah himself mentioned in the holy qur’an that “Whosoever kill a human is just like he kills all mankind and whosoever sustain a human life is as if he sustain all mankind” Almighty Allah wld definitely punish you if you people refuse to repent…

    As for our christian brothers and sisters (particularly sunday) be mindful about your uterances because no goog muslim is supporting this evil and it is only good muslims that are serving Allah not those bunch of killers as they claimed to fight for Allah.

    May Almighty Allah guide us aright, amin.

  7. COMPUDON Reply

    this is a problem that needs to be tackled quickly before it breaks into civil war, The Nigeria president is too slow to action, if he cant handle the problem at hand let him resign for good, and this boko haram set should stop hiding under the canopy of religion, i see this as political issue, there should stop before Nigeria becomes a war zone, cause both the Christian And Muslim will surfer bitterly, and that i not the plan of Christ For use… i beg the president pls do something quickly

  8. Yakubu audu Reply

    Let every true muslim who has any info about boko haram expose it, this will clear any doubts about their sympathy to boko haram. These boko haram leaves amongst muslim communities yet they are not known, is this not some kind of conspiracy? The only way to vindicate other good muslims is by their exposing any known boro haram follower n dia activities dia by vindicating Islam as a religion of peace cos the insane minds are saying they are fighting for allah. Too bad and very ridiculous

  9. Olawunmi Olaniyan Reply

    In fact to all Muslims brothers and Sister in Nigeria and diaspora,we are aware that real Muslims does not kill, maimed and fight an ignoble course. This is madness claims by Boko Haram sect. We have scholars from Muslims, Bankers and name it all around in Nigeria. It’s high time Jonathan resigns or he will be impeached else, the state of Nigeria will come to an end very soon.May be the Prophecy spoken about Nigeria ia about to happen, please forgive me if I am too forward. Remember late Gadaffi once said it and many other people has said so. Guudluck may fellow Nigerians.

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