Nigerian Scientist Designs Software To Track Criminals

A computer software capable of tracking down criminals and their activities in the country, has been designed and developed by computer scientist and former deputy governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chinedu Emeka.

According to Dr. Emeka, the research was embarked upon to develop the nation’s security system against criminals who often escape being punished for offences committed. He said, ”with this software, criminals will be caught and prosecuted…as a result, prospective criminals would have a rethink before venturing into crimes.”

The computer scientist also said, the software (a national data base of criminals) would be made in such a way that security agencies in the country will have easy access to it.

Emeka urged politicians, government and private sectors to always provide funds for universities to carry out research and development, recognize the excellence in each research and encourage the researchers by setting out annual prizes for most useful indigenous scientific discoveries, best made Nigeria computer software.


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    We are getting higher,,,yes we are

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    Is not supose to be exposed cos they will also invent their own.

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