Boko Haram, Mind Your Utterances – N/Delta Ex-militants

Following the threat by the violent Boko Haram sect to bring down the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan in three months, several groups in the Niger Delta region has reacted, warning of grave consequences should any harm befall him.

Spokesman of the defunct Niger Delta Liberation Force (NDLF), a former militant group in the creek of delta, Capt. Mark Anthony warned Boko Haram to mind its utterances in the interest of peace.

Also, the Founding Director of Ijaw Council for Human Rights (ICHR) Patterson Ogon said: “Boko Haram has continued as though they have the licence to kill. Threatening the life of the President is taking the matter beyond any imaginable limit.

In a statement entitled, “Boko Haram, Mind Your Utterances, N/Delta Ex-militants warned,” the group said, “The attention of the leadership of Niger Delta Liberation Force (NDLF) has been drawn to the ranting of Islamist militants Boko Haram leadership utterances of planning to bring President Goodluck Jonathan’s democratically elected government to an end in three months.

“We viewed this statement as an affront on the sensibilities of Niger Delta ex-militants who have had several face to face gun confrontations with the Nigerian army under the Joint Task Force over ten years.

“We are warning the entire northern leaders to advise their children to be mindful of their actions and utterances as any attempt on President Goodluck Jonathan’s life shall spell doom for the entire nation. We will resist violently because we have said it over again and again that the Presidency for the South-South was a sympathy vote by the entire country to appease Niger Delta ex-militants and the region over federal government criminal abandonment of region’s oil and gas wealth being exploited over 50 years.”

Any harm to Jonathan’s life would elicit grave consequences – Ijaw Group

The Ijaw Media Forum through its President, Elder Asu Beks said: “Like other discerning Nigerians, the Ijaw Media Forum knew before now that the entire Boko Haram crisis was a well-organized political movement packaged by those opposed to the Jonathan administration.”

“We are not surprised that this threat is coming from the Boko Haram and their political backers. What, perhaps, beats our imagination is why it took the them so long to open up and narrow down their war against their loss of political power to President Jonathan whom they have always seen as the cause of their woes.

“Now that the group has come out in clear and unambiguous terms the Ijaw media Forum wishes to state as follow:

• That President Jonathan, a Nigerian of Ijaw extraction, has the inalienable right to govern Nigeria; and having been elected by Nigerians to lead this country will remain President till the end of his constitutional tenure.

• That any group, including Boko Harm, opposed to President Jonathan’s administration, has the option of seeking asylum anywhere else in the world until the end of his tenure.

•That the Ijaw Media Forum will not fold its arms and watch any person or group intimidate an Ijaw man whom it has pleased the Almighty to pick as President of Nigeria at this point in our national history.

•That henceforth, any bomb that explodes within a radius of FIVE KILOMETRES of where the President is at any given time will be matched with a more devastating bombing in any area we consider appropriate to carry out retaliation.

•That any act of kidnapping which could be interpreted to be part of the fulfillment of this recent threat by Boko Haram will be met with equal measure of retaliation.

That the Niger Delta youths agreed to embrace amnesty in the interest of the larger Nigerian nation does not mean that we are pushovers. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Boko Haram has drawn the battle line.”

Northern leaders’ lukearm attitude is suspicious – Ogon

Ogon in his reaction said, “While I believe the security agencies are deepening their claws into the veins of the purveyors of violence, the lukewarm response and mere talks by the northern leadership remains suspect and outright disappointing.

“Those who have claimed to represent the murderous and renegade gang to negotiate on behalf of Boko Haram with the Federal Government should be placed on security watch and questioned on the current issues. Nothing will happen to Mr. President. Nonetheless, no such threat should be treated with kid glove.”

SSEPU said Boko haram has “been hiding under the canopy of fighting against western education. However it became curious that the medium they use to spread and propagate their message is as a result of those who have acquired western education and we have been suspect since this pronouncement.

“Now that the coast is becoming clearer, it is high time the President comes out to deal decisively with the group. There should be no let in the offensive on the group wherever they may be found. The Islamic sect should be routed out and crushed for good.”

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    Anyone who threathens Goodluck Jonathan should be careful because, there is a higher power than what they think they have.

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