School Sex Scandal Involving Nigerian Lecturer Caught On Tape (CENSORED)

A video of the sex scandal of Engineer Peter Otubu and student Judith Okosun at the Edo State-owned Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma. The incidence occurred in 2010.

Scoll down for video

The Peter Otubu and Judith Okosun sexual saga is a latent, or even a direct symptom of limited funds, lack of ethical teachers, deficient classrooms, and poor learning resources as these factors add up to adversely affect the institutional health and educational environment of higher institutions in a very challenging nation like Nigeria.

According to reports from Ms. Okosun’s Benin-based lawyer, Tom Oaikhinan, Judith did not give in to the sexual advances of the professor. When engineer P.O. Otubu failed her in his course, Judith and her classmates went to meet him to ask why he failed her in her course but he wouldn’t allow others into his office, requesting instead to meet Judith alone in his office. He asked her for her phone number and told her that she will pass the course if they can become romantically involved.

After the lecturer had obtained his client’s phone number, he started sending a series of amorous text messages to her and pestering her. When Judith would not give in, he promised to see her in her room to change the marks. But Judith was frustrated, and planned to expose the harassment. When he came into her room, he started getting aggressive with her, leading to a scuffle that attracted other students to the scene.

Asked why the lecturer was forced to sign a cheque under duress, he said it was never under duress, stating that he signed the cheque for Judith in order to get away with his crimes of sexual harassment. He said Mr. Otubu promised N500, 000 to Judith to buy her silence and that the N100, 000 cheque was his down payment. The cheque was Judith’s strong evidence that the lecturer was in her room and tried to buy her silence after she protested against his antics. The check was given to the police in Ekpoma.

Oaikhinan said that after Judith resisted his attempt to force her, he tried to flee the scene naked, but that the other students didn’t let it happen because they want to put an end to chronic problem of sexual harassment in the university. The lawyer disclosed described Judith (who is his own niece), as an “honest and ambitious” student who went to study engineering in order to prove the point that females can do great things in life. He lamented that “randy lecturers” in Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning simply ruin the lives of the young female students and “our chauvinistic society provides support by claiming that my client was a cultist, kidnapper and extortionist.”

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    he should not go unpunished o…, na this kain people dey spoil future wives… Turning them to complete hse wives…

  2. Imrana Aliyu Reply

    What a shameful things, this kind of people should be punish seriously so that it will be a lesson for those that have this kind of bad intention.

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    Honestly people like this deserve an unmerciful punishment,they are the ones destroying our features as wives.Take away our pride and diginity,he most not go unpunish.

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    Scavenger, sonofabitch …. Tell ur kids cruelty pays in arrears.

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      He I am vikey

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    Same threats are getting out of hand in my sch, ibadan polytechnic. Pls where or who can we report these lecturers to ? Really very urgent.

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