T.B. Joshua Is Lying Over Bingu wa Mutharika’s Letter – Former Aide

Malawi State House has vehemently rejected claims by renowned international prophet TB Joshua who said late President Bingu wa Mutharika wrote the Nigerian priest acknowledging that the former head of state would die as per his prophecy.

In an interview on Wednesday, former president Mutharika’s aide on religious affairs Billy Gama said he has a copy of the said letter and the contents simply acknowledge a book which Temitope Balogum Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua generously gave Mutharika.

“I have a copy of the letter dated February 24, 2012. It only acknowledges a book, which TB Joshua gave the former president,” said Gama.

Gama’s claims were corroborated by a personal secretary to the former head of state who typed the letter but refused to give details and to be named, saying it was Gama who was responsible to give out such information.

Joshua prophesied of a sudden death of an African president and asked Africans to pray for their heads of state, saying the head of state would die due to sickness that had been in his body for a long time.

He repeated the prophecy on March 18, 2012 while on April 1, 2012, he revealed that the president would not be from West Africa, saying the death was “so close and nothing can be done.”

Coincidently, Mutharika died on April 7 of heart attack and in his sermon at his base in Nigeria on April 8, 2012, the prophet beamed a government letter head and signature of the controversial letter that Mutharika wrote him on February 24, 2012 but Joshua could not beam the whole letter arguing the its was personal.

However, Gama said it was not true that the former president was acknowledging his own death.
Joshua has hosted several heads of state including President Joyce Banda when she was vice president of the country. DAILY TIMES

  1. Helen Reply

    People perish because of lack of knowledge. Who are we to query God? We cannot fight for God, God fights for us. If the prophesy was not from God – God would have stopped it not to happen in order to expose TB Joshua and let His children know that he is false. Why do we continue to live in a world of unbelief rating God Almighty so low as if He no longer exists? We under rate Him as if there are no prophets of God again as it was in the Bible that could speak the mind of God. Jesus, forgive them all for they know not what they do. Remember you are not against TB Joshua but against the One who sent him. Beware of the wrath of God upon your life and your generation.

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