Boko Haram Will Soon Become History, Says Sambo In Washington (Photos & Transcript)

Washington DC: Vice President Namadi Sambo has stated that Incessant bombings, attacks and killings by Boko Haram will soon become history due to the measures the Nigerian government is putting in place.

He said this during a town hall meeting with Nigerians held in Washington DC, after his meeting with the U.S. Vice President.

“I will like to correct one impression. This issue that Christians are moving from the north and the Muslims are leaving the south is wrong; I beg to disagree with that notion, because it is not happening” he stated. Sambo added that Boko Haram menace is not a religious problem in Nigeria, but the work of gangs.
“The security Issues that are happening in the north is not a religious problem. It is an unfortunate problem being created by some hoodlums, people that have terrorist activities in their mind.”

The Vice-President also stated that it is false information that Christians are leaving the North based on the attacks of Boko Haram, or that Muslims are leaving the South.

Although he had mentioned that Boko Haram is not a religious issue, the Vice-President stated that religious leaders are working with the government towards resolving the problem.
“The support of all Nigerians, particularly the religious leaders is being sought, so that we will all cooperate and direct Nigerians in the right directions. Our religious leaders will contribute positively to our peaceful coexistence.”
Sambo also addressed the issue of Nigerians voting from the diaspora, saying the bill is currently before the National Assembly. He added that once the bill is passed, the president will sign it into law, and Nigerians abroad will be able to vote.

  1. Kay Reply

    The Vice President should speak the truth and stop supporting the Muslims. Christians are leaving the north because of the bombings by Boko Haram. All the same, it shall be a thing of the past as he said.

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