Boko Haram New Spokesman Killed

The dreaded Islamic group, Boko Haram at the weekend dispatched the new spokesman, Abu Qaqa-2 to the grave beyond over reports of his alleged plan to defect from the group.

The second spokesman, who took over the name Abu Qaqa after the original spokesman was picked by security agents was said to have been condemned to death after information was received that he was planning to denounce the sect as a result of what was described as persistent security checks on him.

According to reports, the second Abu Qaqa whose original name is Mohammed Anwal Kontagora hails from Kontagora in Niger state. He was said to have planned to denounce the sect following “intensive” security checks on him by Nigerian security agencies.

The second Abu Qaqa took over from the original spokesman, the 42 year old, whose names include Abu Dardaa, Mohammed Shuaibu, Mohammed Bello, Abu Tiamiya and Abdulrahman Abdullahi. He was arrested in January this year.

The report stated that “the self-styled spokesman of the Boko Haram sect “Abu Qaqa” -2, may have been killed last week. He was said to have tried to denounce the sect after intensive trailing by security agency that saw him changing locations severally.”

Reports also showed that the sect’s inability to raise a spokesman so far was responsible for its failure to own up to the Easter day bomb blast in Kaduna, which killed a number of motorcyclists and tea makers.

“This(non availability of a new spokesman) greatly accounted for its inability to either own up or disassociate itself from the Easter Sunday bomb blast in Kaduna that killed so many commercial motorcyclists and tea vendors,” the report stated, adding that the development also made the leader, Abubakar Shekau to personally appear on the Youtube last week to reply a statement made by Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan while in South Korea that the days of the sect are numbered.

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