Statement Of Dr Okonjo-Iweala Following The Announcement Of Dr Kim As The World Bank President


I would like to congratulate Dr Jim Yong Kim on his emergence as President of the World Bank Group. I look forward to working with him, staff and stakeholders of the World Bank Group for the benefit of poor people around the world. Their plight is at the heart of the mandate of the institution and we must never lose sight of that.

With regard to the selection process, it is clear to me that we need to make it more open, transparent and merit-based. We need to make sure that we do not contribute to a democratic deficit in global governance.

Nevertheless, by our participation we have won important victories. We have shown what is possible. Our credible and merit-based challenge to a long-standing and unfair tradition will ensure that the process of choosing a World Bank president will never be the same again. The struggle for greater equity and fairness has reached a critical point and the hands of the clock cannot be turned back.

I congratulate Dr Jose Antonio Ocampo for being a worthy participant and for his decision to withdraw his candidacy in my favour.

I am proud of Africa for displaying great unity in supporting my candidacy. I am proud of my country Nigeria for standing by me. I want to thank all the African leaders, but particularly President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for his resolute support, along with other leaders – President Boni Yayi of Benin Republic, President Alassane Ouattara of Cote d’Ivoire, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and Chair of the African Union, Mr Jean Ping. Africa has stood for the right principles throughout these processes. I am proud to be African.

I want to thank other developing countries who supported my candidacy. I also thank the Nigerian public, the National Assembly and the Nigerian and international media for their analyses and support. I am deeply grateful to the numerous groups and individuals in different parts of the world that worked so hard and so passionately in my support.

It was a worthwhile battle. Now it is time to move on and contribute to the search for solutions to the many developmental challenges that confront the world.

  1. dokun Reply

    There is no doubt that a statement has been made. The voice of equity has been heard. We are proud of Dr Okonjo-Iweala and the entire leadership of Africa for their collaboration in ensuring that the emerging economies of the world are heard. We must all now move on and leave the past in the past.

  2. Ajibola Daniel Olalekan Reply

    What a speech, madam the sky is not even ur limit. Racism must stop and the right legs must be put in d right shoe.

  3. Dr. Goga Reply

    it is a grea pleasure that she failed, otherwise she would have remove the whole world’s FUEL SUBSIDY even if the whole world don’t support it, as she did to us. God we thank you for this your great result.

    • Chief Reply

      @Dr Coga! U’r an idiot & a bastard. Dr Ngozi is d best candidate. Concerning fuel subsidy; its 4 Nigerian future! U’r a thief & Greedy man. Nonsense!

    • CIA Reply

      Dr. Goga or whatever you may call yourself, you need to bury your head in shame as we can deduce from your stupid comments that you are very far from maturity and intelligence. Dr. Goga my foot.

  4. Glory Adebayo Reply

    God i tank u 4 her life she is indeed a true nigerian and a great person.women pls apart 4rm folowing d path of JESUS pls try to folow mrs ngozi ikonjo iweala. God bles u ma

  5. Kris Reply

    Goga, u are such a big fool and a hopeless person. It is shameful dat u can make a stupid statement like that. Its because of people like you that the world is the way it is today. Rubbish, stupid and idiotic thing like you!!!

  6. dokun adedeji Reply

    I must confess that I am glad that NOI lost.
    We must begin to understand that as a nation,we belong to a global community that still retains some value.
    This World Bank position should show us that we cannot just do things and the world would not keep records! Mrs Okonjo-Iweala may have all the ight credentials-so we think though- but have considered the immediate future strategic direction of the Bank?
    We were only bothered by the facts that she is Nigerian who rose through the ranks with requisite qualifications,but how is her present position bear her out? And how much clout has Nigeria tht wallow in obscene display of corruptive tendencies? We will be foolish if we think these considerations do not matter!
    The kind of silly sentiments that gifted Jonathan the Nigerian presidency,do not catch the fancy of the thinking world. Period!
    How much of merit-based appointments exist in Nigeriav

  7. white Reply

    According to an adage whc always say “the truth always bitter”. @ Dr. Goga u spoke very well and dt’s d truth and nigerians always hate d truth. l will remind us abt FELLA music dt says “sufferring and smilling” whc had been our priority in nig. 4 those ppl dt called bastard, they are bastard of bastard cos dy dnt lov nig. cos if this woman could emerge as d world bank president, l believ she wil start her negative impact frm nig. tnx nigerians

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