Woman Offers SR5 million To Find Her Mr Right

A Saudi woman is offering SR5 million to get married — even if it is a Misyar marriage. (Misyar is a marriage contract where couples can live separately but get together regularly, often for sexual relations)

But wait. The woman has conditions which she will not reveal now. The main thing is that the new husband must “appreciate marriage life.”

The woman published the attractive offer in the Saudi Arabic language magazine Roa, which said applicants can write to it by e mail or fax. The announcement neither mentioned the woman’s name and age nor where she lives.

“Applicants should provide their contact number so the woman will contact them in case she agrees on the marriage,” the magazine said.

It quoted the woman as saying:”It does not matter whether the new husband is attracted to my money as the most important thing is that he must appreciate marriage life and marital duties…I am even ready to accept a Misyar marriage and pay him SRfive million at once…he will live with me in my villa and must accept all my conditions which I will reveal to him later.”

The magazine said the woman was married before but that she divorced her husband “was greedy and wanted only money.”

“I made the wrong choice first time….I want to make the right choice now…my main obsession now is to marry…I am desperate to marry,” the woman said.

Misyar is a marriage contract where couples can live separately but get together regularly, often for sexual relations.

Although permitted in Saudi Arabia and under Islam, Misyar is not popular with many who see it as legal prostitution. Women lose nearly all their rights in a Misyar marriage and nearly 80 per cent of Misyar relationships end in divorce.

  1. 'deji Reply

    A marriage with conditions? No reasonable man will accept such an offer.
    The “desperate” woman has succeeded in putting herself under the searchlight of scavengers…any building with a faulty foundation is destined to crumble in no time. If money was d basis of her first failed marriage, I am seeing d same pattern repeating itself. I wish her all d best.

    • apollo Reply

      i will accept that

    • apollo Reply

      iam a filipino man and im also looking for woman to marry me. i know its a big money, if she can just read my message i will definitely agree with her offer and agree what ever condition she may have. but then i will also have a condtion to her if she will accept me as his husband, condition that i have is; to give me atleast 4 son, and 4 daugther, respect me as a person, love me with all her heart and i will promised that i will love her until the end of our breath, love me for what iam and for what i have and i will treat her as my queen. im not asking for her money but then just give a beautiful life for my family and i will make her life happy. hope she will receive my message. you know there life is shorten just make sure that you will do the best thing for you to be happy. you have your money, i dont have money, if you will love me i will also love you till the end. i dont care if your condtion is to love you and serve you till the end. the most important to me is to give happy life for my family. i dont care what others say. ill show you that you get the right person who will treat you for the money that you offered.

  2. henry cookey Reply

    she has the money but she needs true love and care also a man that will be carrying out his duty as the husband and that can make love with her very well

  3. Bond Reply

    Make her email address available, naija men are ready to accept the offer in as much as she will pay the money. And it is better than what men are seeing in desert on their way to europe.

  4. sagir Abdullahi Reply

    Bismillah,is like I am having a strong interest,but the main issue here is,the woman has forgot to publish her profiles,I mean her age,name,and address.

  5. john Reply

    Am interested but am from Nigeria these my contact details +2348098840010,+2348063621789 email johnboskod@yahoo.co.uk… Thanks hoping to hear from you soon. Cheers

  6. jibrin kontagora Reply

    am ready call me with this number +2348035210051 OR 08109934478

  7. jibrin kontagora Reply

    am ready call me with this number +2348035210051 OR 08109934478 but how many years are you? Send me your email my email is jibrinamusa@ymail.com

  8. rightman Reply

    I am right Alhamdullilah…

  9. Dauda Masani Reply

    Money is not marriage,trust,confidence and love is all that counts. Keep your money let’s begins and continue with true love for eternity. Call me if you truly want to marry. email address:- pstdavidlmasani@gmail.com; phone number:- +2348169867021. Reply.

  10. vipin Reply

    i am ready for marriage………. thats my contact number 09654995777

  11. RAJ Reply

    Thanks for the ads proposal of girl,

    I am ready if she can ready below accepted lines.

    1. she must be slim & smart, belt under 34 inches.
    2. under 5-8 height.
    3. under weight 60kg
    4. she need children in future
    5. she must pray 5 times a day
    6. she must be educated.
    7. she must understand husband & wife life.
    8. she must be soft spoken
    9. she must be beautiful.
    10 she don’t smoke & drink strictly.
    11. she must be cleared first class health medical checkup.

    She must be love and sex only with me rest of life.

    if she is ready all above lines then can contact with me at my email.

    i m still single, no child. Living with my family, i have done Master, working as Business Consultants.

    An early reply will be highly appreciated.


  12. Sageer Reply

    Asalam walaikam I was looking for a wife in Saudi to marry as i want my children to learn Arabic so they can understand the Quran’s beautiful language … i wouldn’t want the money from her i would want something more important then money, i would want her soul meaning having that deep connection within, if we have that then we can take the next step if not then i am not the one for you. Allah Hafiz

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