Zambian Man Slices Own Genitals

A 30-year-old man in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province is fighting for his life in Kitwe Central Hospital after chopping off his private parts, state-owned newspaper The Times of Zambia reported Friday.

It reported that the man also ripped off part of his stomach in a suicide bid.

The Times reported that the incident happened on Wednesday morning in Ipusukilo Township when Chris Shapi, in a rage, chopped off his penis before ripping open his stomach, leaving the intestines dangling out.

Neighbours then mobilised themselves and stopped the man from harming himself further as he bled profusely before becoming unconscious.

Copperbelt police chief Mary Tembo confirmed the bizarre incident.

Kitwe Central Hospital spokesperson Grey Chishimba told the Times Mr Shapi was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU).

The Times quoted eyewitnesses in the neighbourhood saying the victim had complained just before the incident that he was disappointed with his wife who he claimed left him after became cash-strapped.

“We found him trying to pull out his intestines two metres away from where he chopped off his manhood,” said a neighbour who declined to be named.

“He did that himself and as family we don’t know what led him to do that as he is not talking,” a relative found at the hospital bedside, who only identified himself as his uncle, was quoted as saying.

Via Africa Review

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