Subsidy FRAUD: Here Are Their Names And Amounts They Took From Nigerians Illegally

From the report of Honorable Farouk Lawan’s probe comes this list of Oil Marketers deemed to have collected subsidy funds illegally from the Federal Government. The Probe report indicates that they return these amounts:


1. ACORN PLC …..N8,514.900,513.00

2. ALIMINNUR RESOURCES LTD …..N2,543,800,931.00

3. AMG PETRO-ENERGY LTD …..N7,226,773,136.00


5. ASCON OIL AND GAS COMPANY …..N4,451,932,090.00

6. AVANT GARDE ENERGY …..N1,154,824,298.00

7. A-Z PETROLEUM …..N8,065,557,645.00 owned By Chika Okafor


9. CONOIL PLC …..N3,027,526,589.00 owned Mike Adenuga

10. CRUST ENERGY LTD …..N1,192,651,581.00

11. DOWNSTREAM ENERGY SOURCE LTD …..N2,947,780,261.00

12. DOZZY OIL AND GAS LTD …..N1,587,298,801.00

13. DUPORT MARINE LTD …..N3,555,127,358.00

14. ECO-REGEN LTD …..N3,339,101,218.00


16. FIRST DEEP WATER DISCOVERY LTD …..N932,207,739,.00

17. FRADRO INTERNATIONAL LTD …..N3,661,643.268.00

18. FRESH SYNERGY LTD …..N1,417,029,059.00

19. HEYDEN PETROLEUM …..N3,345,456,733.00

20. IBAFON OIL LTD …..N1,474,479,459.00

21. IMAD OIL &GAS LTD …..N2,701,002,852.00

22. INTEGRATED OIL & GAS …..N13,252,055,429.00

23. INTEGRATED RESOURCES LTD …..N1,166,486,995.00

24. IPMAN INVESTMENT LTD …..N7,538,586,178.00

25. KNIGHTS BRIDGE …..N1,685,869,439.00

26. UNETRALE OIL SUPPLY & TRADING CO. …..N1,213,903,930.00

27. UNGO OIL AND GAS COMPANY LTD …..N1,201,297,922.00

28. LLOYDS ENERGY LTD …..N4,370,512,172.00

29. LOTTOU OIL &GAS LTD …..N1,427,429,910.00

30 MAIZUBE PETROLEUM LTD …..N5,509,407,903.00

31. MATRIX ENERGY OIL & GAS LTD …..N11,211,040,786.00

32. MENOL OIL & GAS LTD …..N4,333,348,489.00

33. MOB INTEGRATED SERVICES …..N5,066,786,851.00

34. MOBIL OIL NIGERIA PLC …..N2,660,968,597.00

35. MUT-HASS …..N1,102,084,041.00

36. NADABO ENERGY LTD …..N2,660,902,801.00

37. NASAMAN OIL SERVICES LTD. …..N3,441,253,193.00

38. NATICEL PETROLEUM LTD …..N5,276,169,320.00

39. NEPAL OIL &GAS SERVO LTD …..N2,353,911,978.00

40. NIPCO PLC …..N7,838,353,057.00


42. OCEAN ENERGY …..N1,778,180,051.00

43 OILBATH NIGERIA LTD …..N1,019,644,138.00

44. ONTARIO NIGERIA LTD …..N4,248,727,148.00

45. ORIGIN OIL &GAS LTD …..N4,141,367,099.00

46. PETROTRADE ENERGY LTD …..N908,805,371.00

47. PHOENIX OIL COMPANY LTD …..N1,827,838,204.00

48. PRUDENT ENERGY & SERVICES LTD …..N1,360,898,638.00

49. RAINOIL LTD …..N1,266,773,492.00

50. ROCKY ENERGY LTD …..N1,620,110,167.00

51. RYDEN OIL LTD …..N451,150,983.00

52. SEA PETROLEUM & GAS CO. …..LTD N1,019,571,609.00

53. SEDEC ENERGY LTD …..N845,226,771.00

54. SETANA ENERGY LTD …..N2,791,264,070.00

55. SHEILD PETROLEUM CO. NIG. LTD …..N1,502,198,610.00

56. SIFAX OIL &GAS COMPANY LTD …..N3,589,063,041.00

57. SOMERSET ENERGY SERVICES LTD …..N2,172,206,037.00

58. STONEBRIGDE OIL LTD …..N1,784,158,258.00

59. SULPHUR STREAMS LTD …..N4,758,693,054.00

60. SWIFT OIL LTD …..N5,062,403,555.00

61. TAURUS OIL & GAS LTD …..N6,472,821,001.00

62. TECHNO OIL LTD …..N547,179,342.00

63. TONIQUE OIL SERVICES LTD …..N3,827,112,622.00

64 TOP OIL & GAS DEV CO. LTD …..N7,367,662,306.00

65. TOTAL NIGERIA PLC …..N1,931,075,306.00

66. VALCORE ENERGY LTD …..N8,709,548,082.00

67. VIVENDI ENERGY LTD …..N1,127,773,642.00


The office of the accountant-general of the federation (OAGF) should account for the sum of N213.678 billion, being total of excess payments made by it over and above what PPPRA identified as paid in 2009 and 2010. The OAGF is not only responsible for the accounts of the federation, including the PSF and domestic crude account, but refused to provide further details on the account when requested to do so during the public hearing.

The EFCC and ICPC should ensure that the office of the Accountant General of the Federation accounts for the over-recovery figures of N2.766 billion and N5.27 billion respectively. Conflicting figures for Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation NNPC had two sources of recovery of its subsidy as follows:

Direct deductions from domestic crude receipts accruable to the federation.

Payment by CBN through deductions from distributable revenues as per the federation account component statement.


  1. Danjuma. Reply

    We prefer the people names that are involved, these companie’s names has very little meaning to us(masses)

    • Abubakar Reply

      I agree with you Danjuma these companies have faces behind them. they are the real enemies of Nigeria. It won’t be difficult to find who are behind those companies.
      IPMAN Investment Ltd and NIPCO PLc, are companies formed on behalf of Independent Marketers in Nigeria by some currupt Nigerians and their Foreign collaborators to steal.
      Imagine what this amount of money will do to our educational establishment?
      Prof. Wilmot wrote an article 2006 in it he said ‘ Nigerian leaders take more care of their animals in their big farms with state of the art facilities and foreign vets. than they do for their fellow citizens’.
      Unless Nigerians realise that the greatest issue facing us, is the blatant curruption of our leaders and unless we fight this insanity with the determination that was shown during the demonstrations against the removal of subsidy; we will wake up one day and we will not have a country.

  2. Jalnan Reply

    Nigeria! Sai Allah! Only God shall judge!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Names or no namees,,business is busineSs,blame ur government for d Subsidy,coz without dat dey won’t use d advantage

  4. Anonymous Reply

    The name of the managing director of First Deepwater Discovery Limited is TUNDE AKANBI BABALOLA

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