Oil, Gold, Silver Found In Taraba State – Scientists

Russian scientists from the Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation have discovered deposits of silver and traces of gold and oil in central and northern parts of Taraba.

Mr Valery Shaposhinkov, the Economic Counsellor of Russian Embassy in Nigeria, disclosed this on Monday in Jalingo while briefing Gov. Danbaba Suntai on their survey for mineral deposits in the state.

The Counsellor noted that Russian scientists had vast experience in mineral exploration across the world and were sure of their findings.

“Of what we have found, silver is the largest in deposit in the northern part and traces of gold and oil, which are at a middle level in central and northern parts of the state,” he said.

The lead scientist, Robert Mukhanmedyenov, who spoke through an interpreter, explained that deposits of lead and zinc were also found in the northern zone.

He said that precious stones were also discovered along the Benue trough in southern part of the state.

“This is our first contract in Taraba and we hope to continue our survey of the state for more information on the discoveries especially gold and crude oil.

“Silver deposits we have so far discovered, cover 1.7 km in a 1,000 square kilometres,” the lead scientists said.

Responding, Suntai said God was about to open the state to greatness.

“God is about to open the great riches with which he has endowed the state to us.

“If we are able to exploit this great opportunity, we will become a self-sufficient state.

“We will commit funds to the project to ensure that the journey of becoming a rich state starts soonest.

“Even if it does not happen in my own time, it is going to happen in the next generation and Taraba will be able to stand on its feet,” he said. (NAN)

  1. Rufu Ussa Reply

    When will they start exploiting it to open employment opportunitied for the young one?

  2. Mgoje Reply

    This shows that northern nigeria is not poor. I hope that almost all d nothern states have such deposit of mineral resources.

  3. Rufu Ussa Reply

    Mgoje you talk sense, but boko haram will not allow peace to reign in north.

  4. Hamza Reply

    It wont hapen dat

  5. Mohammed ibrahim Reply

    I tink is hightime to say bye to selfish niger delta. Now,the evidence has been given that all northern states have mineral resources likewise niger state, where large quantity of crude oil found in north. GOD NORTHERN NIGERIA!

    • Anonymous Reply

      That simply means the only reason a person like you supports one Nigeria is because of the resources in the South-South. Now that it looks like resources can be found in the north u say the south is selfish? Ignorant you.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    our leaders should have the feelings of the citizens at heart when exploreing the resources. They should be honest and sincere.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Ussa this will happened sooner than letter.

    Abdullahi S. Babagana

  8. Anonymous Reply

    DDI take note use this opportunity and shine. Make Taraba great make us proud

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Pls tell him

  10. Anonymous Reply

    When Taraba people stop fighting by removing selfish interest and fight for the common good by putting head together, they will develop or elders and elites will continue to divide them as common masses to drain the new discover in the state and left with hatred toward their brothers and sister in the name of religion,politics and ethnicity.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    i am so excited to hear this. i knew this would happen someday. God bless our dear noble state Taraba.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Instead of the federal government to put their hand and start excavating these items they will just be shouting eureka eureka until FRANCE sends their Boko Haram CHAD to come capture the places as they did in bakassi now cameroon

  13. Anonymous Reply

    This is great news

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Hmmm……this is lovely news, may God continue to bless Taraba state, Nigeria as whole we give all glory to God Almighty for the gift. Am a proudly Tarabaian. This a great thing to happened in my life time, please my Tarabaian people this gift should be share around our beloved Nigeria, don’t let’s behave like some of the that do not love the progress of this great country because of the gift God blessed them with. May God bless our land

    • Anonymous Reply

      Are you saying the people of the South-South should clap for the government that has left there land desolate all in the name of resource exploration wait until it’s your turn that’s if it even happens, then you will understand there plight.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Love that

  16. Anonymous Reply

    If I may advised the south-south youth stop vandalising
    What u called ur resources is in every part of the country.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    How truth is this story and in which part of the northern Tarara(L.G.A)?

  18. Anonymous Reply

    I want see the location specifically not just Northern Taraba! Northern Taraba!!! Northern Taraba is made up of many L.G.As, communities and villages.. Felix Canis 08029851682…

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Its An Awesome News God Bless Taraba And Nigeria Atlarge

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