Father Hacks Daughter’s Head For Refusing His Sexual Advances

A Namibian father Monday allegedly hacked his daughter on the head with a machete after she refused his sexual advances. The blow was so severe that the machete got stuck at the back of the daughter’s head and had to be surgically removed.

According to the police, the father (name withheld as he is yet to appear in court) had repeatedly requested sexual favours from his 22-year old daughter, Sofia Stefanus, whom he had been living with at their tiny homestead in northern Namibia.

Stefanus had apparently been refusing her father’s sexual advances, which appeared to have angered the father.

After realizing that she was in danger of being raped by her biological father, the woman approached the police for assistance last weekend.

She was advised to seek refuge at her neighbours, which she did. Following her return at her father’s house on Monday however, the father allegedly continued requesting sexual favours.

Grabbed machete

When she would not give in on his advances, the father allegedly grabbed a machete and hacked his daughter on the head once.

She was rushed to a hospital where it took a team of three doctors up to an hour to remove the machete.

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