VIDEO: Ugandan Female Activists Strip Naked To Protest Police Groping Of Female Politician-Citizen TV

About six Ugandan female opposition activists stripped their clothes and took to the streets of Kampala, Uganda to protest the alleged sexual harassment of one of their own, on Friday.

The female leaders want the police officer responsible for pinching the breast of their leader, head of the opposition forum for democratic change women’s league, Ingrid Turinawe, to be arrested for sexual harassment, even as police maintain that the officer in question was a fellow woman and not a man. We have the footage of the assault and the resulting protests that has seen women in Kampala up in arms.

-Citizen TV

  1. Apostle kerosine Reply

    The police in uganda is simply barbaric, is this still the idi-amin uganda, where all level of atrocity without any form of charge.
    This is simply barbaric and l wish the leadership of the country should take caution and should make certain that such show of shame does not happen again.

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