Ibori Turns ‘Born Again’ In London Prison

FORMER Delta State governor, James Onanefe ibori has experienced the golden truth about the biblical saying that “whatever a man soweth, that he shall reap.” Ibori sowed the seed of corruption in his 8-year rule as Delta State helmsman, he was crafty enough to escape imprisonment in Nigeria, but not in United Kingdom where he was slammed with 13 years imprisonment by a South-Wark Crown Court in London. Now, James Ibori is alleged to be full of regrets for his past misdeeds. He has also reportedly turned a new leaf.

The former Delta State governor is now an ardent student of the Bible which he carries always as a companion.

“Ibori has been visited by the Holy Spirit; he is no longer the same. From the way he now talks, it seems old things have passed away and all things have become new. I observed that he said a little prayer when he alighted from the prison van and when he was standing in the dock. I heard something like God is in control from him as he walked away from the court. He was really looking very sobre, I think he may have become a born again Christian,” the source said, adding:

“Ibori inferred in a censored message he sent to one of his relatives who interacted with me that he spent most of his days in detention reading the Bible and praying fervently. He said he has fasted about four days in prison. He described his prison cell as being okay but not too comfortable.”

New Ibori

National Daily learned that Ibori a hitherto gregarious person has become an introvert in prison. “He keeps to himself, neither associating with fellow inmates who made inquiries about him on arrival at his London prison. His interaction with prison officers is even said to be minimal,” our competent source said.

It was further gathered that since his arrival from Dubai and for several weeks during his days in awaiting trial cell in London, Ibori refused to eat meals offered him by prison officials. He was said to have preferred meals bought from a restaurant or brought to him by one of his trusted relatives. Now that he has formally been sentenced, he is likely to change his mind because it will be difficult for him to sustain his presence for restaurant meals for four years and his relative may get tired of taking meals regularly to him in prison.” Sources said.

National Daily on inquiry about Ibori’s state of health was told by the London returnee that he looked healthy but it appears circumstances has shown him down. “He was even inaudible when he acknowledged greetings from a group of Nigerians who stormed the London court in solidarity with him.

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