36 Killed As Floods Wreak Havoc In Kenya


At least 36 have been killed and more than 8,000 others displaced as heavy rains wreak havoc across Kenya.

Property and crops worth millions of dollars have been destroyed.

The Ministry of Special Programmes Wednesday said five people were still missing while 42 had been injured.

Permanent Secretary Andrew Mondoh asked people living in floods-prone areas to move to higher grounds and issued alerts in Budalang’i and Kano (western Kenya), Nairobi and its environs, Pokot, Baringo and Wareng (north rift region) and the coastal strip.

Traffic was disrupted on Mombasa/Nairobi Road on Tuesday night when River Aroi burst its banks at Sultan Hamud.

Police had a hard time controlling motorists in a jam that stretched for 13km on both sides.

In Kitengela, about 30km south of Nairobi, hundreds of families have been cut off from their homes after floods destroyed roads.

The most affected area was New Valley, which has been submerged since Sunday.

In Teso North near the border with Uganda, more than 20 houses were submerged and 13 cows swept away in Amurai and Kamolo.

In the jam

Marakwet’s fresh produce farmers were counting their losses after roads were destroyed. And for the second time in less than a week, Narok Town in the south Rift was submerged in water, destroying property worth millions of shillings in shops and homes.

Two tour van drivers cheated death when they attempted to cross a flooded Sikinani river.

The vans were swept downstream as helpless tourists — who had alighted earlier — watched from a distance. They had to abort the trip to the world famous Maasai Mara.

The rains also disrupted business in Kitui, east of Nairobi, where most premises remained shut during the day.

In Nairobi, motorists were stranded in the jam after heavy rains clogged the rush hour.

Police blamed the jam on blocked drainage and poor driving habits.

Weather forecasts show the heavy rains will continue until May in parts of the country.

(Reports by Lilian Onyango, Mark Agutu, Antony Kitimo, Raphael Wanjala, Ponciano Odongo, John Kisu, George Sayagie, Philemon Suter and KNA)

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