Jos Bomb: I Only Saw Myself Helpless On The Ground, I Thank God I’m Still Alive – Victim

One of the victims of Tuesday’s explosion in Tudun Wada, Jos, Mr Felix Samtiem, 30, says he only saw himself “lying helplessly’’ on the ground when the bomb went off close to his seat at a football viewing centre.

“I just heard some loud sound and discovered that I was on the ground and unable to stand even when many others were shouting and rushing out. I just tried to crawl, “ Samtiem said.

He told reporters in Jos on Wednesday on his hospitals bed at the Plateau Specialist Hospital, that the bomb went off “very close” to where he was sitting and that many people were thrown to the ground.

The bomb exploded around 9.00 p.m. while soccer fans were watching the UEFA semi final match between Barcelona FC and Chelsea FC.

“When it happened, virtually everybody was thrown to the ground. My legs are badly hurt. I hope I can still walk,” he said.

Another victim, Mr Jerry Boyaks, said he would not have been affected by the blast if his wife did not fall ill that evening.

“My wife developed fever that evening and I went out to get some drugs for her. It was while I was returning home that the blast occurred.

“The route to my house is close to the viewing centre and that was my undoing. I was only passing when the incident occurred.

“I began to run when I heard the loud bang, but I didn’t realise I was injured on my left leg till I got home and saw blood oozing out,’’ Boyaks said.

Another victim, Mr Yusuf Dido, said only God saved his life as he was very close to the side where the blast occurred.

“The fan that died here in the hospital was sitting next to me. I thank God I am alive even though I sustained injuries on my elbow and waist.

“At first, I thought nothing was wrong with me till I finally found my way out of the centre. I started feeling pains around my waist and discovered my elbow was bleeding, “ he said.

Boyaks said that it would have been terrible if the perpetrators had succeeded in planting the bomb inside the viewing centre.

One person had died while nine of the football fans are still receiving treatment in two hospitals in Jos. (NAN)

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