My Wife Caught Me When I was about to Have Sex with my Neighbour – What can I do?

I’ve had sex with my next door neighbour, my wife found out and now my family life is in ruins.

I’m 45 and my wife is 41. We have daughters aged 21 and 19. My neighbour is 38 and single. She is a full-time primary school teacher and cares for her elderly mother. She’s gorgeous and I could never understand why she’d not been snapped up. She called me a few weeks ago to say that her mother had fallen out of her chair and asked me to go round to help her.

I was there in a flash and together we lifted her mum back up and she seemed OK. My neighbour got her mum into bed for a nap and was then so grateful and teary I made us a cuppa. We sat at the table and she poured her heart out – saying she’d never been able to go out on dates because of her mother and how lonely she felt.

I wiped her tears away and hugged her, and she turned my face towards her and kissed me. I felt so turned on. She asked me to have sex with her so we did it there and then, in the kitchen while her mother was asleep upstairs. I felt like a teenager again, and she texted me the next day and came over to my house as I’d finished work early.

We were just having a cuddle when my wife walked through the door and caught us. She was rooted to the spot, not being able to believe what she’d seen. My neighbour ran home and my wife was so upset she told my girls as soon as they came in from work. I feel like such an idiot. Our marriage is in tatters. What can I do?

  1. Livingstone Reply

    So unfortunate but not unavoidable. I blame the man because he did not take caution nor address what could have been responsible for him falling for such a cheap trap as that. He should beg the wife, reconcile with her and relocate.

  2. Sunday meshach Reply

    It has happen already but the man should sincerely apologize to the wife and stop that nonsense if not he will definately ruin his house one day.h

  3. Iyke Reply

    If you prefar ur girl than ur wife, maybe she,s better than ur wife,shes more beautiful than ur wife and she makes sex better, then you better go on with your girl friend. I tell you, even if you recoçile, one day she will give thesame suprising package that you to becomes one to one.

  4. Kay Reply

    It is a shame what this man has done, it is a big sin. Confess your sins and come out of it else you’ll ruin your home you have built for years with a school teacher. Who knows she might have been eyeing that man for too long and planning to have him. REPENT AND COME OUT OF SIN. ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR.

  5. Reu Reply

    Hmmm! U guys would have continued ur affair in her house or some where else, doing that in ur home feels u dnt have respect 4 ur wife, coz if u do? U wouldnt have invited her over! Try and arrange ur family back and apologize to them so that u guys will be back happy like before!

  6. Omale Reply

    You need Jesus in your life to be able to overcome the spirit of adultery & o remain faithful to your wife.

  7. Atinuke Reply

    First thing i will advise u 2 do is 2 move 4rm dat house nd area,2 where guys can never see each orda again.Ask 4 4giveness 4rm ur family nd God,it is well wit u.

  8. You dad Reply

    Serves u right !!!! Before u pulled ur pants down u should have thought of ur family!! Now pay the price and learn

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