Find Out Why More Than 1000 Nigerians Are Jailed In China (Video Included)

This video by Deji Badamosi of ChannelsTV explains why more than a thousand Nigerians are jailed in Chinese prisons, many of whom their family members in Nigeria don’t know that their sons have been jailed in China.

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He said: “There are over a thousand Nigerians jailed in China. Most of them convicted for drug related issues. Some are given 15 years in prison. In most cases, their families don’t know about this.

“The Nigerian prisoners in China live on less than $5 a month, so they all want to be transferred to Nigerian prison where they will be better taken care of. At least, their families will bring them food. The kind of food they give them in China is something else!

“Some of the Nigerians that have been arrested only tell their parents that they have problems with their papers that’s why they’re in jail. Meanwhile, they were arrested for drug dealings.

“Chinese people don’t spare their own people when they commit crime. So why would they have mercy on Nigerians? We’ve sent a proposal to the Chinese government to have these prisoners transferred back to Nigeria to serve their terms.

“It’s sad that some of these guys who are in prison were doing well in Nigeria before they left. But so many people are just too desperate to leave Nigeria. Meanwhile, the grass always looks greener on the other side, it doesn’t mean it really is!

“If you think you can travel to another country like China to do drugs, you can get yourself killed. First of all, people don’t understand the laws of the new land they’re going to.

“When you let people tell your story, you may be misrepresented. If Nigerians don’t tell their stories, why should we expect others to tell our stories accurately?”

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