It Was Weeping, Wailing At Kano Hospital

Families and friends of victims of yesterday’s attack thronged both mortuary and the accident and emergency sections of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH), wailing and crying.

Relations of Dr. Ololoko, a senior lecturer at Federal College of Education in Kano, were seen in tears as she was wheeled out of the theatre with thick bandages all over her body. The lecturer was one of the lucky survivors of the morning attacks on two churches yesterday at Bayero University Kano (BUK).

Inside the A&E, many people with grim faces awaited news about their loved ones who had equally been trapped by the assailants. Mr. Omowole Adeniran, whose younger brother was shot in the chest, however expressed hope that the victim would survive.

At the hospital’s morgue, it was a picture of hopelessness for families of those who did not come out of the attack alive. “God, we know we have sinned, please forgive us and push this away from us,” cried Malama Tasalla. Her elder sister’s son was to graduate from the Department of Library Science in BUK, later in the year.

He was until yesterday’s morning; her sister’s most cherished treasure. He was the only child she had.

“Everything she has went into raising him and giving him good education. But now all that is gone,” she said, weeping.

“Earlier in the day, he had called his mother to tell her he was coming home from school, that she should cook ‘beta’,” she narrated. Samson Okoro was in one of the churches when gunmen attacked. His aunty explained: “His head was shattered by the bomb.”

They attempted to escape the attack together, but as they climbed unto a fence, it gave way. Two of them fell down and the elderly woman sustained an injury under her left ear. Even as she was crying and explaining, the wound was dripping blood. While she made a successful attempt and escaped, her husband was gunned down. “They shot him in the stomach,” she said.

“O! Shola is dead!” cried another man elsewhere. “We were roommates. He left for the church this morning and this is what has happened to him,” he grieved. According to the fellow, he too was to attend the service in the same church that day. “I dressed up and was planning to leave when something told me not to go. So I changed my clothes and remained at home,” he said.

All around the morgue were groups of affected relatives, who had gone through the routine of going into the mortuary and – after confirming the presence of their loved – ones came out crying.

Sunday Ebiaga cried to the extent of losing his voice. He sat outside the mortuary’s gate, reminiscing how his wife could have been saved. His friend and fellow church member, Tahir Musa, told Daily Trust that the couple and their three children went to the church that day.

Ebiaga’s wife was to do her third child’s dedication after service. But as they were waiting for the mass to begin, they heard gunshots and sounds of explosives. Ebiaga managed to scale a wall and tried to winch the wife. While pulling her, she suddenly became heavy and collapsed – she had been hit and killed. The family friend, however, said all the children have survived the attack.

Daily Trust

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