Bomb Explosions In Kano This Morning

Reports from sources in Kano said bomb explosions were heard in the city this morning. The explosions were said to have gone off around 6am.
It was gathered that this happened around Sharada Police Station. Sharada is on the outskirts of Kano township.
Bomb Explosions

Residents said: “We heard the explosion throughout the night, and it lasted till after the early morning prayer,” a resident of the city told us. “We were unable to sleep and we can’t venture out yet.”

The Kano State Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Idris, confirmed the incident.

He said it was the Joint Task Force, an inter-agency security outfit overseeing security in the state, that took the battle to the den of the terrorist following security reports they were hiding in the area and plotting an attack on the Sharada Police Station.

Mr. Idris said one of the terrorists was killed while three women and a child, believed to be family members of the insurgents, were captured alive.

He added that over 4000 rounds of Iive ammunition meant for AK 47 rifles, six drums of explosion, and several knives were recovered from the terrorists during the operation.

Kano has been a constant target of dreaded sect, Boko Haram, since the beginning of the year.

  1. parma Reply

    God is watching.

  2. Balo Reply

    People killing people without thinking who its affected, lets remember that there’s jurgment after this life and every1 will give account of what we did. Where is d luv we shared went we r growing up? Let go bck 2 our shell and think about dat. Let try 2 luv 1anoda and turn 2 God 4 4giveness.

  3. Salihu A Adam Reply

    Pray 4 kano


    Hasbunallahu wani’imal wakil. God save us.

  5. Raji Reply

    Am sick of hearing, reading & seeing these fins. The question is dis: “what is the nigerian govt doin about this?“ for d past 9 days that there has been numbers of bombing n its like nothing has been done. We nid a govt dat can end dis hrtless beings.

  6. modu Reply

    why these endless bloodsheds? d perpetrators of this act should know that islam is against violence. They should think critically and stop this heinous act.

  7. Maymunat kabeer Reply

    God have mercy on us.

  8. Abdulmalik M Abbas Reply

    Allah ya bankada asirin duk mare son zaman lafia a arewacin kasannan

  9. Attachegbe B. Denis Reply

    A man without God is bound to act stupidily. The recurrent bombing in the ancient city and in most part of the north is a mark that they need Jesus ( The prince of peace).That is the only person that will help us to enjoy peace unspeakable.

  10. Attachegbe B. Denis Reply

    There is no peace for the wicked says the Lord. The north need Jesus.

  11. Hamza haliru Reply

    My allah protect us ameen.

  12. Nkechi Reply

    Na wa, naija which way na?

  13. emoh mercy Reply


  14. lanrizobs Reply

    i bliv evrything dat has a begining most surly av an end i pray we ol live lng 2 c d end of ol dis calamities. Like d sayin ‘ol days 4 d thief bt one day 4 d owner’

  15. zakar ayuba Reply


  16. Aeeshat Ameera Ishaq Reply

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un{from ALLAH we are,and 2 him we shall return}…is d only solution to all dis calamity or despret dat is hppning in 9ja…dear muslim brodas and 6tas we shld kep praying 4 our country…lyk sm1 hia sed evry tin has begining dia must be an end…bt i wnt asure som xtains dat are puting ol d blaim on us{muslims}…dat islam is against voilence,and terrorism is not d teaching ov islam,cox islam is religion of peace,love,hospitality…and lots more…

  17. Aeeshat Ameera Ishaq Reply

    But i have a question…wat x d nigeria govt are doing? Are they trying 2 tel us that they are not aware ov all the bomb that exploding in 9ja? Or are they trying 2 tel us that they are tryng thier best 2 see dis voilence is over? Plx some shld answer my question esp…our president Dr.Good ebele jonathan and s.s.s and and ol kind of force that are held 2 protect the country…

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