Nigeria’s Poor Implementation Of Minimum Wage: Strike Looms – NLC

Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, on Tuesday (May Day) declared at the Workers’ Day celebration that another strike is inevitable over the alleged poor implementation of the N18,000 minimum wage.

Speaking in Abuja, the NLC President Abdulwaheed Omar accused some states of failing to implement the minimum wage.

President General of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) Comrade Peter Esele said the N18,000 minimum wage was no longer tenable.

The attendance of workers at the Eagle Square ceremony was sparse, unlike last year when the venue was filled to capacity.

Omar alleged that governors of Enugu, Ebonyi and Kwara have continued to deny workers their legitimate wages. He said the struggle continues in Oyo State.

He said: “It is tragic that the Federal Government has been reluctant, or failed to pressure such governors not to continue their violation of the country’s constitution by failing to pay workers their legitimate salaries in line with the law.”

The NLC boss added that there is also a contagious revisionist movement being initiated in states like Kebbi and Kogi to reverse the gain of the new Minimum Wage struggles while the Adamawa State government is violating the constitution and labour laws by tampering with the aspects on labour which is on the Exclusive Legislative List.

The NLC accused some Governors of exploring the constitutional amendment route to negate the implementation of the Wage Act.

He said the state governments are acting under the guise of federalism to replace industrial relations, minimum wage, labour in the concurrent list instead of the exclusive list.

Esele said: “We also want to use this opportunity to serve a notice on the various governments at all levels that the minimum wage of N18,000 is no longer tenable and it is time for a review. This is to bring it in conformity with the objective reality of our times and to cushion the effect of the fuel price hike on the common masses and the increasing cost of basic commodities including Housing.”

Esele condemned the looting of public treasury, adding that killings visited on innocent Nigerians by armed robbers and Boko Haram should be directed at the corrupt public servants.

Both the NLC and the TUC condemned government’s lukewarm attitude towards bombings by Boko Haram.

Esele said no amount of investment drive by the President and Governors would attract foreign investors to Nigeria in the face of insecurity.

“As we celebrate, let us pulse and look at how lives have been lost. We have become a country that is unshockable. Life no longer means anything. And everyday the only grammar we hear is that the Federal Government condemns Thisday bombing, condemn Kaduna bombing, condemn Plateau, condemns Abuja bombing, condemns Kano bombing, condemns Gombe bombing, condemns and condemns. We don’t want to hear condemnation anymore.

“We want people brought to book. We want sponsors to be arrested. We want those behind these heinous crime against the Nigerian state to be brought to justice. That is how you can attract foreign investments. Everyday, we see governors, the President travelling all over the world asking for investment. No businessman will invest in any country where there is no security. No businessman will put money where there is no security. If the environment is conducive, making money for business is like an ant and the sugar. They will naturally gravitate.”

Omar alleged that the different security agencies in the country lack coordination in their attempt to clampdown on the Boko Haram militants.

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