US Visa Lottery Result: More Entries To Be Selected Later In The Year

US Visa Lottery result has been released for those who applied last year for the DV-2013, and according to the US Department of State, more names will be released later in the year. Beginning today, entrants from last year’s calendar year 2011 diversity visa lottery (DV-2013) can check on-line to see if they won through this link below. More names will be released in October of 2012 for applicants to check back. Therefore, applicants whose names are not selected in May should not loose their information; they should keep it and check back in October:

visa lottery

If you check this website and found a notice that you have been selected for further processing of the US Visa Lottery, your notice will contain further instructions and the immigration fees.

If you are not selected in the drawing, you will NOT receive any notification.

Immigrant Visa

Winning applicants and their applicable immediate family members need to go through the immigrant visa process. Each person will be charged a DV processing fee and immigrant visa fee. Both of these fees are non-refundable even if the visa is refused. If the visa is issued, a separate visa issuance fee is then charged for each visa.

Click here to know about US immigrant Visa Fees

Winning a green card lottery is not a guarantee of the immigrant visa and subsequently the green card. Each applicant and their eligible family members must meet ALL eligibility requirements under U.S. law. Because of this, natives of some countries, especially the countries identified as state sponsors of terrorism, may face a a significantly increased level of scrutiny and processing time.

Adjustment of Status

If you are located in the U.S., and you are eligible to adjust your status in the U.S., instead of getting an immigrant visa from your country, you can file for adjustment of status in the US. Of course, if your other derivative family members are overseas, they can still get the immigrant visa overseas.

  1. Igwe Buchi Reply

    how true is that ,i have played more than 3 times , but am still hopping to win one day thanks

  2. Vena Reply

    Did not get selected this time either. Do I need to check back in October only or the next draw can be anytime between now and October? Third time trying and currently already working in US. I do not want to miss any chance.

  3. yanick Reply

    was not selected in the first draw but still hoping that october will be a month of grace.

  4. Rana Reply

    I applied for 2013 visa. But didn’t select in fist time. Now its October. How can i ckeck my results. Please let me know the link , if enybody knows. Thanks.


    I apply for dv lottery 2013 but im unable to check my entry status for october selection

  6. CHEZ Reply

    I applied for DV-2013 but too sure if the October draw has been done can anyone help me with that as i want to confirm if i won….

  7. oludayo Reply

    I don’t understand this anymore i login with my information wasn’t selected but the information on the site says more will still be selected in October and we are in novernber now can more still be selected

  8. Idemudia Abdullahi Reply

    Continue to pray. U may be lucky.

  9. Eurochance100 Reply

    You can win big money with the lottery, and playing it is a way to give you hope through bad times. However, it is not a stable source of income.

  10. Okechukwu Reply

    i recieve a message that i am elligable for u s green card. i aplied in the year 20211, can that be true?

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