Nigeria: Northern Christians Cry For Justice And Religious Freedom

By SaharaReporters, New York

As Christians all over Nigeria reflect on last Sunday’s butchering of at least 25 church worshippers on the campus of Bayero University Kano, they continue to express outrage and to appeal to the relevant authorities to intervene decisively and promptly.

The article below was written by Rev. Dr. Amb. Sam Kraakevik Kujiyat, who is the Chairman of the Kaduna State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

The Sunday attacks and killings of Christians in Bayero University Kano and Maiduguri were a barbaric and heinous act of sheer deliberate wickedness and persecution of Christians in the core States of Northern Nigeria.

This continued onslaught against Christians and Churches across the core Northern States is clearly some of the deliberate but impossible attempts to wipe out Christians from the region. This has now emboldens all well meaning concerned Christian leaders of the North to cry out as it is today in this write up and other for a that are opened to them.

Hence this clarion call is to all political, traditional/Islamic religious leaders past and present, and especially the Governors, Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III, Sarkin Musulumi, General Yakubu Gowon rtd, Alhaji Ado Bayero Emir of Kano and Alhaji Dr Shehu Idreis Emir of Zaria with this poser: When will all the Christians of Northern extraction enjoy the religious freedom enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

It is amazing that Christians in the Northern States are being sacrificed on the altar of the religious extremism of the Boko Haram sect, while their rights and privileges as Nigerians are also being deliberately eluded by authorities who claimed to be just and want peace in the region. Christians in the predominantly Muslim Northern States are being short-changed as second class citizens of Nigeria. Our Muslim brethren in Southern Federal and State Universities, like Nsuka and Calabar were provided land and they built their Mosques. Sadly Northern Federal Universities like Bayero Kano, Usman Danfodiyo Sokoto, etc have denied Christians land to erect Church/Chapel. Christian staff and students have only lecture halls or open spaces for worship services in Nigeria, their own God-giving country. The situation is same in the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where erecting the Catholic Church/Chapel has been blatantly refused by the school authorities and the extremists’ behind the scene.

Every sincere peace loving Nigerian, Muslim and Christians and even animists will be right to assert that Boko Haram sect is not a creation of poverty, but a creation of a diverse evil, wicked, political interest groups pursuing selfish ends through fanning embers of Satanic hate, extremism and terrorism aimed at strangulating the government they are not a part of. This, to them is best accomplished by pursuing a common hidden religious agenda of wiping out Christians and their places of worship.

Let no Nigerian, especially Christian, be fooled into believing that Boko Haram does not spares anybody. Their attacks against their Muslim fellows are either accidental or against those they deem as working against their agenda, but their main targets are Christians and their places of worship. Ponder over this reality: When had the sect invaded a Friday Muslim Prayer and throw explosives and open fire on Muslims worshippers? No record of such.

Before the watching world, Christians have repeatedly been attacked. So, on behalf of all true Christians of good will, in the true Spirit of Jesus Christ, Who never used any carnal weapon of warfare like the sword, spear or arrow against any human being, I hereby sympathize with all the wounded and all the families of those who have been killed as well as with President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Governors of honor. May the Almighty God grant the Political leaders and all Security Agents the wisdom and boldness to bring to a quick end these embarrassing unfolding events. Knowing that Federal Government and all security agencies have been working tirelessly to bring this onslaught against Christians in the North is brought to a quick end, we are quick to add that you need all the prayers of the faithful to support you and as such our prayers are with you. The blood of our martyrs is crying out and the Christian’s faith can and will never be overcome regardless of the threats, manipulations and clear cut distortions against us. The Boko Haram agenda of cleansing out Christians from the North is real, being pursued to become a reality.

Governments at all levels all over the country with their security agencies have the responsibility to protect all citizens, Christians, Muslims and the non religious. Therefore the entire onslaught and sheer killing of Christians with impunity by the Boko Haram is certainly a National disgrace that the federal Government must do all at its disposal to arrest before it consumes us all to which we say God forbid. Therefore it is our prayer that the federal Government with its instrument and legality will arise and seize the opportunity to nip in the bud this ongoing cleansing of Christians in Northern States of Nigeria.

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