Robot That Can Shampoo, Condition & Blow-dry Your Hair (Video Included)

A robot that will wash, massage and blow-dry a user’s hair has been developed by technology giant Panasonic.

Developed for the elderly and disabled, the robot is being tested in Japan before it becomes available for wider commercial use.

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The firm claims the gadget provides the ultimate head massage, offering an experience superior to a person’s normal shampooing capability.

According to Panasonic’s promotional video, the Head Care Robot has sensors in each of its 24 fingers to measure your head, enabling it to customise each shampooing experience.

The massage portion is apparently ‘extremely relaxing and offers a degree of comfort that users cannot experience with human hands.’

Beginning by spraying hot water and pre-lathered shampoo onto your scalp, the robot uses its 24 fingers to thoroughly, but gently, clean your hair.

Conditioner is then sprayed on as a mist for all-over, even coverage.

The final stage of the wash comes with a robot massage as the machine blow-dries your hair.

The robot apparently also works for longer-haired customers, with specially placed nozzles for thorough rinsing.

Still, having a handful of moving parts on easily-caught hair could have some customers riddled with anxiety instead of overwhelming relaxation.

The robot was originally developed for use in nursing homes and hospitals, to give the elderly and disabled a ‘better quality of life,’ however it will also be available for commercial use in hair salons after June.


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