Injured Driver Found With N4m Escapes From The Hospital

Christian Onyenora was involved in an accident in the Badagry area of Lagos on Saturday April 28th while driving a blue Honda Accord 2003 model. The FRSC, RS 2.11, Badagry Unit Command, on getting to the accident scene, recovered the sum of N4.09m.

Onyenora was taken to the Badagry Police Division by FRSC officials where the money recovered was handed over to the Divisional Crime Officer, identified simply as Mr. Oni, a superintendent of police.

He later complained of body pains as a result of the accident and was taken to Badagry General Hospital for check-up.

Investigations on the source of the money found in the car had not started when Onyenora could no longer be found.

The police were shocked on Monday when on getting to the hospital to interrogate him, he was said to have fled.

The police said he was conscious when he was brought to the division but later started complaining that he was not feeling too well. So he was taken to the general hospital so that he could be checked in case he had internal bleeding.

However, on getting to the hospital, the medical staff said he had left the hospital.

The police added that they were already suspecting him of robbery but wanted to make sure he was in good health.

Lagos police have ramped up the search for him using his picture in their possession.

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