Man Charged For Raping Wife On Wedding Night

A husband raped his new wife on their wedding night after she told him she didn’t want to have sex, a court heard.

The woman, who is in her 20s, told Exeter Crown Court she was so drunk after she returned home from the wedding reception that she told her husband she did not want to have sex.

However, her husband ignored her pleas and forced her into it against her will.

He is also charged with raping her another four times during their two-year marriage.

She finally went to the police after being attacked twice in two days. The husband denies five rapes.

Richard Crabb, prosecuting says the husband’s attitude to his wife changed after the wedding and he developed a sense of entitlement, telling her ‘You’re my wife, it’s allowed’ when she complained about his attacks.

The husband is also accused of raping her when she was heavily pregnant, while she was still in stitches after the baby’s Caesarean birth, and on two later occasions.

The wife denied inventing the allegations as a way of getting her husband out of her life and getting him into trouble.

She said: ‘I was scared of him. I knew what a temper he has got. I was afraid he would take my babies. They are my life.

‘I was petrified. I know it sounds messed up but it is how it was.

‘I had loved him to bits but I did not want to live like that any more.

‘On our wedding night I remember saying no and saying just because I am married to him I still had the right to say no.

‘I remember saying it and then passing out for a bit and then finding him on top of me having sex with me. I did not want sex at that stage. That was why I had said no.’

The trial continues.


  1. This is not rape Reply

    This is not raping, what is the essence of marriage with her allowing him to enjoy. Is better to rape her than to go and commit adultery outside.

  2. Chidex Dilibe Reply

    That woman must b insane!

  3. Rotimi Reply

    I think we need to re-check the meaning of sex,under what situation do we consider sex rape,who is a rapist,when is sex lawful,what is sex,when do we have sex,under what circumstance do we call inter-course sex. Is rape mentioned in marriage.

    • Omale Reply

      When sex is outside the consent of the parties concern, it becomes rape even in marriage.

  4. JAY C Reply

    trash! trash! she jst wnt 2 distroy d man he shud let her go.wt kind of law wll prosecut dat man? i wish iwas his lawya.trsh!

  5. Oviasogie Michael Reply

    I don’t really know what is wrong with some women. Why did u get married 2 him when u knw dat u will deprive her of marital benefit, sex-children.

    • Omale Reply

      Marriage does not give a licence to a man to have sex e do when a woman was is stitches after giving birth through the ceasarian section. Sex must be between 2 consenting partners to be enjoyed.

  6. Michael .N Reply

    †̥ђξ most annoying Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ she denying her husband sex on their wedding night, that’s cruel! Everybody knows what happens on wedding nights!……I think †̥ђξ lady Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ wicked Α̲̅πϑ has other motives…..but if true I do not support †̥ђξ man for having sex with her while she was in stiches after child birth.

  7. Elijah Reply

    That woman is sick and lazy

  8. cyril Reply

    I think the woman is a lesbian and suffers from fear of men. I have come across many lesbians and the attitude this lady displays towards her husband is the way other LESBIANS i KNOW REACT TOWARDS MEN. tHE MAN SHOULD CONSENT TO THE DEVOURCE BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO PEACE IN THAT MARRIEGE. wHY MUST i BEG MY WIFE FOR SEX OR WAIT ON HER UNTIL SHE DECIDES ITS TIME FOR US TO HAVE FUN. gET RIDE OF THE LESBIAN PLEASE.

  9. Stella udanyi Reply

    Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties. Therefore the man if he loves his wife should let her be. Forcing her is rude and wicked of him. She is human n deserves to be tired married or not. Learn to treat a woman.

  10. zoba Reply

    I had it all. If she did need him why marriage at all. I agree with those who say he suppose to respect her intention when she did not need sex. But when she need sex and the man denied her in the same mood you people will start complaining that he is having outside affair. For me some woman are those who push their husband to abandon their home for outside affair.

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