Nigeria: FG To Release List Of Boko Haram Sponsors

In their bid to end the ceaseless attacks being unleashed on some parts of the country by the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, security chiefs have prepared a list of the sect’s backers. The list is said to contain names of suspected backers of the sect and other terror groups.

A security source told the Punch news on Friday that the list was compiled by top security chiefs at a meeting held to strategise on how to end the spiralling violence.

The official said the decision to compile the list was born out of the belief of the security chiefs that the anti-terrorism battle could be won sooner than expected if people linked with violence were exposed.

The security chiefs were said to have worked on the intelligence report that some top politicians had been giving financial backing to terror groups with the aim of destabilising the present administration.

The official said the security officials had resolved to formally inform the office of the National Security Adviser about the alleged involvement of such politicians supporting terror groups.

Apparently supporting the claims of the NSA, Gen. Owoye Azazi, that some undemocratic practices within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in the build-up to the 2011 general elections fuelled the violence, they heaped the blame on those they called greedy politicians.

They went further to identify the alleged politicians to include those who held the opinion that only persons from their region could contest the presidential election after the demise of President Umaru Yar’Adua.

“The meeting heaped the blame on greedy and selfish politicians who don’t want Nigerians from outside their region to rule the country,” the source said.

He described the meeting as fruitful, adding that Nigerians would soon be seeing results.

Via Punch

  1. rotimi Odewale Reply

    Story story

    As if they’d dare

  2. MB Reply

    Hmm nigeria after yar’adua’s death by PDP rule of power sharing its the north that will still produce the 2011 PDP candidates but GOODLUCK from south indicated his interest and for the sake of peace they let him be. Today southerners are saying northerners do not want any body from other region to rule this country except them. IF i may ask ar southerners being just in what they are saying? hav they ever give north their chance of rulling since independent? think for say anything.

  3. Nneka Atufunwa Reply

    If only it will come to pass…will they be prosecuted, will justice be done??

  4. Yaks Reply

    Pls dont only bring out the list but you have to arrest those sposors. Bcos it seens to me that the low in this country is only for the poor the rich are about the low.

  5. Adeche Sola Reply

    If its a thief his name will be published one time but sponsors of terrorist, they are pampering the situation with kid glooves when a sledge hammer is appropriate. Nigeria we hail thee

  6. Muhammad Reply

    The question is how soon?

  7. Shadrach jah Reply

    Haba Nigerians

  8. Victor Eyube Reply

    As a Nigerian, I strongly belive in one nation and the rule of law. No body is above the law. Many lives have been lost as the result of “Boko haram” terrorism. I which the sponsorers of this evil act will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the land.

  9. Teri Reply

    MB, your comment is not only lacking in merit, but also shows your skewed knowledge of Nigeria’s political history. By contesting for the presidency, Goodluck is only exercising his full rights as a Nigerian to do so. Zoning is not only a lazy way of getting political office, but is also directly anti-democratic as it creates an opportunity for unpopular candidates to take political office. I want to also question the verality of your claim that southerners have never given the northerners a chance to rule after the latter have ruled this country ”destructively” for about 38yrs! Pls let’s look at the commoness of our problems as a nation and ignore nepotism.

  10. ogunmola. s Reply

    the list of those indicted on subsidy issue has not brought any changes to corruption. the list will not will not stop the killing of the innocent one; prosecute them and send them to jail, shikena!

  11. Kay Reply

    MB does not even know what he is saying, and it appears he does not know the history of Nigeria and Nigerian leaders, if MB knows Nigerian leaders you will understand that the North has ruled more than any other geo-political zone than any other. Note: Tafawa Belewa, Mutala Muhammad, Shehu Shagari, Gen. Buhari, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha, Abdusalami Abubaka, Umaru Musa Yara’dua.
    MB, could you tell the readers how many leaders have ruled Nigeria. If you know, tell us the percentage of the North as compared to all other zones.
    The North feels that they are the only people to rule that is why they are trying to make the leadership of Goodluck Jonathan to be that of terrorism.
    If we see Nigeria as one and united nation, no one will complain or grumble talk-less of bombing the whole place, making the country in secure because the leader is not from a chosen zone.

  12. Engr.Mohammed Reply

    If you establish the fact that someone is sponsoring terror, are to to arrest and charge such a person to court of simply publish his name on a paper ?
    Sounds childish to me. Or am I the only one here who sees a clueless administration that only uses violence to crush its political opponent ? Could Henry okah be sayin the truth ?
    We are watching

  13. Albaba Reply

    @Tery and @Key you are very selfish and sentimental! You are Gen. MB because he’s from north but the statement made by NSA is the worst and you didnt talk about it cos of ur regional and religious sentiment. GMB has said the truth because every where in this WORLD if the citizens of any particular country are PROVOKED by their LEADERS they must rise against THEM.Take example with what happen recently in the ARAB WORLD and some part of EUROPE where some of their leaders were thrown away from power due to BAD LEADERSHIP. What is happening in this country,NIGERIA is the WORST of all and still we’re supporting the EVIL LEADERSHIP of PDP. What can you say about the claim made by MEND that they were the RESPONSIBLE for 1-10- 2010 INDEPENDENT DAY BOMB BLAST and JONATHAN quickly came out in PUBLIC to back them without waiting for security agencies to carry out their INVESTIGATION. And latter the MEND leader said JONATHAN was the SPONSOR of the BOMBING the EAGLE SQUARE that led to mass KILLING. By this I can say that JONATHAN and his administration are the BLOOD THIRSTY not ‘BUHARI’ FOOLS!!!

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