Boko Haram Threatens To Bomb Lagos And Abuja In 72hours

It seems the last has not been heard of threats from the radical Islamic sect, Boko Haram. Earlier this week, the group made a threat to attack the offices and staff of some media houses via YouTube. It threatened to attack Punch, Daily Sun, Vanguard, Guardian, Nation, Tribune, and National Accord soon and warned Leadership, Daily Trust, Peoples Daily and RFI(Radio France international) to be careful in order to prevent an attack.

In a similar move, the sect has threatened to bomb undisclosed targets in Lagos and Abuja.

In a phone call to the editor of Africa Independent Television (AIT) yesterday evening, they threatened to unleash bomb attacks in Lagos and Abuja unless President Goodluck Jonathan appears on AIT for an open discussion with the sect.

The phone call was broadcast on the AIT news at 8pm last night. According to someone who watched the news and posted his observations on Nairaland, the sect made some demands.

They will attack Lagos and Abuja if the Federal Government does not attend to the following request:

Goodluck Jonathan should act on the letter written to him by Boko Haram
Former Governor of Borno (Ali Modu Sheriff), former Minister of Police Affairs and some PDP stalwarts in the North should be arrested and tried for terrorism.
Government should create an open forum for dialogue at Abuja, open to the public. They said they are ready to come to Abuja for dialogue provided it is an open one.

What do you think the President should do? Should he appear on AIT for open discussion with the sect? It’s been about 12 hours since the phone call was broadcast and if they gave 72 hours for their demands to be met, what should be the right response strategy from the Presidency to avert loss of lives?

Source: Nairaland

  1. albert Reply

    mr president should respond to their demand to hear them first.this action will also save willl also give the president the opportunity to no the direction to thread.

  2. Muhammad Reply

    Yes he should appear for peace to reign. They have stated their demands and I can recalled sometimes ago I said that the former Gov. of Borno is the immediate cause of this. So what is the gov’t waiting for?

  3. shade omo Reply

    D president should pls here dem out pls

  4. Sani A. Galadima Reply

    I dont believe on this call to AIT. It’s a fake just to scare people. My God save us and the country.Ameen

  5. Medinat Reply


  6. Suleman Abdul Reply

    Nonsense, they have already denied this AIT phone call. 4 details go to sahara reporters

  7. Mat Reply

    This is an insult not only to the president but also to Nigeria,that some stupid sect want to dialogue with the President of the Nation without security so that they will kidnap him,Mr.President think abt it o

  8. amasikele Reply

    NO! President should not appear, remember that their targer is to kill Mr. president, and this they will do by a suicide killer who will be ready to die after killing the president and is the plan of the political opponent since there is no way they can reach him due to tight security.

  9. Micah Reply

    They should go to hell for all I care. Have they not killed people enough? Why didnt they discuss with the president before they started with the madness? Its every day for the thief one day for the owner.

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