Popular Actor, Comedian Mr Latin Is Alive

Mr Latin While the rumour mill is agog with the reported death of popular Yoruba Comedian Bolaji Amusan,(Mr Latin), Metronews spoke with the famous comedian and he revealed that he is hale and healthy.

He also disclosed that he is preparing for a working tour of America.” Im off to America on friday, im alive o, let my fans know that nothing do me”.

He wondered where the news story emanated from. He said he would investigate the root of his death rumour.

Also, his younger brother, Kola Amusan, said that his brother is not dead as earlier rumoured, asking who wants his brother dead.

Just some hours before his rumoured death news, Mr Latin was active on twitter where he related with his followers on the social networking site. ‘I Am Not Dead But Alive,’ he cries out.

  1. johnson olamilekan Reply

    thank God that popular Nollywood actor, Bolaji Amusan a.k.a. ‘mr latin’ is alive

  2. Ladex Reply

    U are not going 2 die in allah name,nothing bad will happen 2u.ur enemies are joking.

  3. Adigun Victor. Reply

    Why is it that some Nigerians would not spread pleasant news.I am tired of this people may God deliever us from their hands.Mr Latin you shall not die……….

  4. Kaybest Reply

    Mr latin my best comedian actor u shall not die in jesus name

  5. Temitope Taiwo Reply

    Mr Latin nothing do you, ur enemies are lying.O kuti

  6. Luwoye orowole Reply

    Mr latin u shall nt die bt liv. dats wordx of God dat is bn prophesis to u. ur enemies are only joking . death is nt ur portion in jesus name

  7. Adewusi Adewumi Adewole Reply

    Thank God dat our commedian,BOLAJI AMUSAN a.k.a Mr Lating is strong Nd active.u shal nt die but to live.

  8. Seye ogunsola Reply

    whn i heard abt dis bad news,i ws shocked b4 i heard dat he was stil alive.mr latin,u wil nt die in Jesus name.

  9. Seye ogunsola Reply

    Mr latin u wil nt die in Jesus name

  10. Omolara ishola Reply

    Mr matin. Carry on

  11. lizzy Reply

    i was so glad wen i later heard dat it was a rumour, papa who ever want u dead will go before u. longlive baba latin.

  12. Eleyele Idowu Reply

    Why are the people so fond of making bad and sad rumours arround.We became unhappy immediately we heard about the death rumour of the great comedian,BOLAJI AMUSAN popularly known as MR.LATIN.But we thank God it was just a mere rumour,Mr.Latin is hale and healthy.Mr.Latin,u shall not die but live to propagate the gospel of the Lord the more through what u know how to do best.

  13. Felicia modupe Reply

    My best commendia so far u will not die in Jesus name remain healthy

  14. wasiu ogunsola Reply

    Mr latin u shal not die in name jesus and u shal live long.

  15. olorunfunmi Afolakemi Reply

    Mr Latin, U̶̲̥̅̊ shall not die but live 2 declear the glory °ƒ God in JESUS name Amen

  16. oladayo oladunniyo Reply

    Mr Latin igba odun laye, odun kan ni

  17. Muritala Ridwan Reply

    As a Muslim, Mr Latin u shall not die in d name of Almighty Allah {AMEN}. And i thank God dat d rumour has ended.

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