Mother Rapes Daughter In The Name Of ‘Sex Education’

Mother Rapes Daughter In a bizarre case, a mother in Australia raped her 11-year-old and used her mobile phone to record the horrific act.

The 37-year-old mother made three films which show her raping her youngest child and exposing the girlto other sexual activities. The mother has been jailed for four years. She did it in response to repeated questions, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

The judge told the mother, through her “selfish criminal conduct”, had deprived her daughter of the right to “a wholesome and loving relationship with her mother”, the daily added.

However, the judge suspended the three years jail term. The mother has already served one year sentence. He left the three-year jail sentence hanging over her head and ordered her to do three years’ probation.

  1. rahila muhammad Reply

    wat kind of mother wl destroy her daughters lyf. A’UZUBILLAHI MINASHSHAYTANIRRAJIM.

  2. samuel chris Reply

    d mother is possess…she’s evil..she’s nat suppose a b called mother animore

  3. Lammyjoe Reply

    Nawa 4 diz woman ooo.she suppose sentence to death niii

  4. Salaudeen Aminat Reply

    Where are we helding to

  5. Gbemi afolai Reply

    She is a God forsaken mother nd must be isolated frm her daughters

  6. Aisha Reply

    D world is definitely comin to an end. Allah yasa mu cika da IMANI. Amin

  7. Precious princesolomon Reply

    Pls God, have mercy on human being cos i strong belief dat d world is getting to an end.

  8. Rachael Reply

    Wat has she gained afta rapping d dota? She has succeeded in attractin negativ names 2 herself…………. She is a sheep in wolves clothing.

  9. Oliver Reply

    God forbid bad thing. Am still imagining how the show will look like, woman raping woman, mother raping daughter for that matter, not father this time, hahahahahaha. Practical biology, I need to watch that movie. The devil is truely living with us.

  10. Lekam Ettah Reply

    Nawa o diz one don pas case o, diz tym arun no b fada rape dota! Na moda rape abeg dat kind moda dserv hangn aliv cus if she cums bck 4rm jail she can stl do more dan dat.

  11. carlton peters Reply

    there is nothing new under the sun. The life we live speaks 4 us.

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