Nigerians Doubt Jonathan’s Ability To Act

By Anozie Egole

I don’t think he can punish them — Okey Ndubuisi
I don’t think Jonathan can do anything to those cabals because some of them are his friends. Ever since Jonathan assumed the office as the number one citizen of the country, there have been several probes. We heard about power probe which they didn’t come out with anything tangible.

Looking at the present administration, I don’t see anything at hand to show that Jonathan has the capability to deal with those cabals.

There is high rate of insecurity, no water; no light among others. In fact, there is nothing to show for his administration. Look at bad roads everywhere. He promised that there will be constant light when he took over from late Yar’ Adua but there is no light.

I believe two years are enough for him to do something but, he is not doing anything. Every time they are talking about probe after probe and nothing comes out of the whole probe.

The problem is that some of those cabals are his friends. They are running chop I chop government. Why I am so much disappointed with him is that, I personally campaigned for him with my own money and some of my friends were telling me then that the way I am campaigning for this man, what if he goes there and disappoints me, how will I feel? I kept on telling them that he is God sent that he cannot disappoint me.

Now, the problem is, how do I face those my friends who I was able to convince to vote for Jonathan? They keep on telling me that they regret voting him in.

They are blaming me now. How many years will it take him to start working and address this insecurity issue in the country? The insecurity problems in the country are overwhelming and yet, he doesn’t want to do anything about that. These terrorists are they spirits? They are human beings like us.

He has security personnel like SSS, NIA, Military Intelligence and others, who can do the job. All he need to do is to give them instructions on what to do and they will carry out the instructions that’s all. But he doesn’t want to do it.

I will advise him to sit up because as far as I am concerned, he has not done anything. He should wake up from sleep and save this country Nigeria.

The remaining two years he completed during Yar’ Adua’s administration and this one year are enough for him to have done something. He should please try as much as possible not to disappoint those who trusted him.

He can’t touch them — Sunnylight

Jonathan cannot touch the cabal because he is also a member of the cabal. He has been a member of the cabal since the removal of his predecessor Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State.

The cabal can simply be defined as the untouchables in the country. He knows the m but he can’t do anything to them. Where is the power to touch or prosecute the cabal? His powers as the president are limited as to those cabals. He cannot touch them. In this our country Nigeria, we have the untouchables, the people you cannot touch and go free and the cabal is among the untouchables.

He should face the problem of insecurity first before talking about dealing with the cabal because I believe that not all the bombings are being carried out by Boko-Haram. During the time of Abacha, there were bomb attacks carried out but they were saying NADECO was responsible for that.

Jonathan doesn’t have action. If he has action, how can he come and tell the whole world that Boko-Haram is in his government and he still doesn’t want to deal with them? That is to show you that they are all part of the cabal.

If you know somebody that is causing problem in the country and you fail to catch and deal with them, that means you are supporting them. Let us be truthful to ourselves. They are all in the cabal. In my village in Anambra State, in one village, we buried thirteen people that died in the north because of insecurity in the country.

During Yar’Adua’s time, he sent Jonathan who was his vice to go to South-South and plead with the militants who are his people where he spent up to a month, pleading with them to drop their arms. They did so. Jonathan should send his vice Namadi to go to the North and plead with the Boko-Haram who are his people to drop their arms.

I will advise the president to change his administrative tactics. Those untouchables should be touched so that people will buckle their shoes and know that he is now serious.

He is the president of Nigeria and not only the president of Aso rock, so he has right everywhere. Now they are all talking about oil marketers and nobody is talking about kerosene because it is not affecting them much. Kerosene is now N150 per litre. Those big men do not want to talk about that because they are using gas so they don’t know the cost of kerosene.

He has the power to deal with them — Peter obi

He has the power to deal with them and he should deal with them. As the president of the counry, he has the power to deal with offenders of any type.

If he catches them, he should ask them to pay back the money though if the money is recovered, we don’t normally know what they do with the money. Because if you jail them, they can easily bail themselves.

There is no need of jailing them, they should be asked to refund the money. I will advise him to take a bold step towards dealing with the cabal.

The law demands he deals with them — Akachukwu Agbo

Even if he didn’t promise to deal with them, it is in the law that offenders should be dealt with. So, it doesn’t matter if he made the promise or not.

Whether they are a cabal or not is not the issue. The issue is that the law demands they are dealt with irrespective of the person.

The only thing is that he is not doing his work as the president very well. For me, I am not happy with the administration because of the incessant security challenges.

He promised to change Nigeria for good so he should go on and fulfill his promises without fear or favour. I know he is a God sent and he can do the job very well, he should not be biased by the challenges rather, he should device a means of tackling the challenges. He should not allow the country that has been entrusted into his hands.

Culled from Vanguard

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