Woman Kills Teenage Maid Found In Bed With Her Husband

A HWEDZA schoolteacher reportedly fatally assaulted her teenage maid after catching her being intimate with her husband on their matrimonial bed and hid the body for 12 days.

The body was later found hanging from a tree with some body parts missing. Missing from the maid’s body were feet, which were chopped from the ankles, an ear, breast and private parts.

Itai Mutami (35) — a teacher at Makanda Primary School — assaulted Sarudzai Chitevere (17) after she caught her being intimate with her husband Patrick Sandati (36) in the couple’s bedroom.

Mutami then reportedly connived with her husband to conceal Chitevere’s body for 12 days. According to Oripah Mariridza of Negombwe Village under Chief Ruzane who is related to Chitevere, Mutami hired the teenager to care for her unemployed husband and children.

After working for one-and-a-half years, the maid later fell in love with Sandati. Word about the pair’s relationship reached the primary school teacher who then set a trap and found them in bed on the fateful day.

“They (Sandati and his wife) came here on April 23 reporting that Chitevere went missing following a misunderstanding. They came back two days later with her clothes, but I refused to accept them,” narrated Mrs Mariridza.

She said Chitevere’s body was later found hanging from “a small tree” on May 2.
“How can one kill someone who cooked for her for one-and-a-half years? We are shocked,” said Mrs Mariridza.

Chitevere’s relatives are refusing to bury the body. “How can we bury a child with missing body parts? All we are saying to them is please bring back the body parts you took away and we will bury her,” said Chitevere’s grandfather, Mr Naison Chitevere.

“We are shocked and angry at this gruesome murder and we demand an explanation from those who killed her,” added Mr Sandati.A post-mortem report confirms Chitevere died from injuries sustained during an assault.

Mutami and Sandati have since appeared before a Marondera provincial magistrate facing murder charges and were remanded in custody.

“On April 20 2012 at Sandati Village under Chief Ruzane, the accused as husband and wife connived to assault Sarudzai Chitevere, their maid, with open hands, sticks and sweet reed many times all over her body till her death.

“They tried to conceal the body for 12 days,” reads the charge sheet at the court. HERALD

  1. Ogunjimi James Taiwo Reply


    Today, I passed a church and heard several rhythmic chantings: “O God kill my enemies”, “Holy spirit silence my enemies”, e.t.c. A question immediately came to mind: Is God a hired killer? Is the holy spirit an assasin? I’m also aware that Prophet T.B Joshua said a club will win Champions league, and he even went as far as saying those who’ll score. I can’t but ask, Is anointing for this? What has exactly made us susceptible to these kind of people?

    One thing i have come to realize is that we are like people sinking; we grasp whatever we can. I have always tried to think of reasons why Nigerians are so religious, and I can only think of one thing: because of the helplessness they feel about government’s oppression.

    Have you ever asked yourself why some religious people in other countries with better conditions of life and work go to church and sleep off or even read newspapers while religious people here in Nigeria have to scream their hearts out in prayer throughout the service? Have you ever asked yourself why christians in developed countries mostly have Praise concerts, Hosannah singers, e.t.c, while in Nigeria, all we have are, Deliverance nights, Night of miracles, mountain of solution? Have you ever asked yourself why the largest places where you see the largest crowd in Nigeria are in religious houses, while in developed countries, you find the largest crowd in Stadiums and at cinema houses? Have you ever asked yourself why in foreign films, we often have sad endings, but in Nigeria, we MUST have good endings to films(i.e, if you enjoy at the beginning, you suffer at the end and if you suffer at the beginning, you enjoy at the end) or it won’t sell in the market? Have you ever wondered why we have so many atheists in developed countries, yet in Nigeria, almost everyone has a religion, both inherited and adopted?

    The answers aren’t hard to see, Nigerians are suffering and they need assurance that the people oppressing them will still suffer too, hence the wide acceptance of the heaven and hell concept.

    Having a religion and sticking with the ideals of that religion is not a problem, but the problem starts when we start taking things to the extreme. The problem begins when we start adding things to religion that the people who brought the religion to us did not add. The problem starts when we start killing ourselves in the name of advancing our religion. The problem starts when religious leaders start giving their members false hope in the name of religion. The problem starts when we start killing ourselves because of 70 virgins waiting in Alujanah. The problem starts when religious leaders start preaching false peace to avoid addressing national issues.

    If there is anytime when Nigerians should rise up and open their eyes, it’s NOW. If there is anytime when we should start thinking for ourselves, it’s NOW. Enough of gullibly following the dictates of religious leaders. Enough of following leaders who have amassed a great deal of gullible followers who don’t care whether or not their leader addresses National issues.

    Nigerians who truly love Nigeria should not sit by and do nothing. Enough of hiding under the cloak of religion. Yes, we know we are going to heaven and our oppressors are going to hell. Yes, we are aware that we have 70 virgins in Alujanah. But look at our pastors and Imams who keep promising us that, they travel to wherever they want whenever they want, they live in mansions, the drive the latest cars in town. Ask them if they don’t want mansions in heaven. Ask them if they too don’t have 70 virgins in Alujanah. Enough is enough.

    Instead of hiding under religion, let us address national issues, let us demand better conditions of life, better conditions of work, transparency and accountability. Yes, religion is good, but it won’t solve our national problems. Remember, God won’t do for man what man can do for himself.

    By Ogunjimi James Taiwo

  2. Nwajide nneka Reply

    Dats 2 bad,dey went 2 far,all am saying is dat ,lets justice take place,those couples are very wicked

  3. Ostan! Reply

    nawa o! end time!!

  4. Oyakhilome iribhua Reply

    d stupid husband dat can not keep dat tin under is leg dose not worth killing 4.d wife went 2 far.she wud av driven d house maid instead of wat she did.house wives,take note of d kind of girls u keep as house maid.

  5. Tunde Reply

    @ogunjimi james taiwo, you are indeed a genius and a free-thinker.The earlier we realise that,the better. God bless nigeria.

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