Dr Fireman’s Church New Sexy Advertisement Causes Controversy In Lagos

Many were first introduced to the life and style of Dr Sign Fireman by UK TV station, Channel 4’s Unreported World, last year.

Below are some pictures of him:

Visit his Facebook page to know more about him.

  1. Chika Reply

    WOW!!! Pimping out the church girls for more worshippers?? How is it possible that people don’t see right through this fool’s gimmicks!

    • DR stone paul Reply

      Chika you need deliverance ,you don’t speak such about a man of God even if he’s not truly ask for forgiveness sinner

    • Anonymous Reply

      bigger fool

  2. Julius Ogunedo Reply

    Dr. Sign Fireman remains a man of God whether enemies agree or not. Dr Fireman, don’t be discouraged by these angels of satan

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