JTF Arrests Yoruba Boko Haram Leader, Wife, Kids

Boko Haram The Joint Military Task Force (JTF) yesterday arrested a suspected high ranking operative of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, his wife and five children in Kano.

Also seized during an early morning raid on his Farawa, Hotoro Quarters residence was a large quantity of explosive devices, guns and ammunition.

The suspect, Suleiman Mohammed, has been moved to Abuja for interrogation.

The Kano State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, who confirmed the arrest was silent on the identity of the man and details of the seized items.

However, a source said the suspect is a Yoruba and the first individual from the South West to be linked with the sect.

The source said the seized items included 10 crates of improvised explosive devices (IEDs),1000 rounds of ammunition and three pistols.

Idris, who said the raid followed a tip-off, also showed reporters seven trucks of empty soft-drink cans mopped by his men as part of pre-emptive security measures.

Empty cans of drinks are used by the sect in manufacturing bombs.

He asked the public to “help us by destroying cans of these soft drinks after taking the content.”

He said a large quantity of empty cans was discovered at an uncompleted building on Tukur Road in the metropolis, “and intelligence reports reveal that those empty cans of soft drinks were kept there for nefarious purposes.

“Bomb experts will tell you how these enemies of the state can use these empty cans to make explosives if they are not destroyed after use.

“We have engaged in aggressive campaign to the general public, hotels and restaurants to ensure that these empty cans are destroyed and disposed off immediately after use, so as to curtail the activities of these people.”

The Commissioner of Police also hinted that security agencies were monitoring the sale and distribution of assorted chemicals and fertilizers.

“What we are doing is to ensure that those who buy these products are using them legitimately. Where we find that they are not, we arrest them and confiscate the products,” he said.

Idris also confirmed to reporters the killing of a revenue officer who was shot by two unknown gun men on a motorbike at Gadon Kaya, BUK Road yesterday morning while coming out of his house.

Police are on the trail of the assailants, the Commissioner added.

  1. Nazifi muhammad Reply

    May Allah reveal them.

  2. pjay Reply

    it is UNBELIEVABLE!, a yoruba man?,

  3. Oyakhilome iribhua Reply

    it is not unbelieveable dat a yoruba man is involved bcos Boko haram is not a religious group but a co operative group dat comprises of different enthnic group whose primary aim is 2 forstrate d efford of d president n 2 render d citizen’s of dis country hopeless.dis is 2 tel u d extent in which dis country is in danger.somtin must b done urgently 2 forstrate d effort of dis God forsaking group called boko haram. GOD BLESS NIGERIA N NIGERIAN

  4. Ayoade seun Reply

    I don’t believe dt is a yoruba man n am nt saying dt becos am a yoruba man .it is just a promaganda yoruba does t ve dt heart 2 kill.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    what i think, is that; we the citizen of this greate nation is to come together and earnestly pray to GOD.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    iam not surprise bcos de way yoruba people embraced islam they can do anytin to defend

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