Driver Dies After Making Passes At Club Girl

Club Girl While many football fans in Nigerians were rejoicing over the outcome of the English Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City on the night of March 21, 2012, it was different strokes for Bolaji Jimoh.

Unknown to Jimoh, who was said to be a private driver to a man simply known as Babatunde, tragedy loomed.

CRIME DIGEST gathered that on that Wednesday, he had driven his boss and a relation to a nightclub in the Ajah area of Lagos.

Describing what happened at the club, a source close to the police said, “At about 2 am, Babatunde sent his cousin and Jimoh on an errand somewhere around Ajah. Just as Jimoh was about to drive off, a young girl working at the nightclub requested a ride in the vehicle. Jimoh agreed and the girl went with the two men.

“However, when both men got to where Babatunde had sent them, the story changed. While Babatunde’s cousin went to get what he had been sent, the young girl waited in the car with Jimoh.

“As soon as they were alone, Jimoh began making passes at the girl and she rebuffed him. When he persisted, the girl picked up her cell-phone and called her boss, the owner of the nightclub. She told him where she was and complained that one of his customer’s drivers who had given her a ride was harassing her sexually.”

The source said the owner of the nightclub, whose name is Amos Amuobunmosi, had then complained to Babatunde about Jimoh’s behaviour.

In order to palacate Amuobunmosi, who was said to be quite upset, Babatunde had ordered Jimoh to return to the nightclub with the girl immediately.

But Amuobunosi allegedly went away and returned with a policeman. Then armed with a pump action rifle, he had left the premises of the club in company with the policeman, Cpl. Adesola Olubunmi, who had in his possession an AK 47. Both men were said to have fired some gunshots into the air before driving off in Amuobunmosi’s car.

The source continued, “Amuobunmosi found Jimoh and forced him into his car. The girl in question also went with them. While she sat in the front with Amuobunmosi. Jimoh remained at the backseat of the car with Olubunmi.

“It was somewhere between the point where Jimoh was picked up and the nightclub that Jimoh was shot. One of the guns allegedly went off, killing Jimoh instantly before any help could reach him.”

CRIME DIGEST gathered that Babatunde, who waited endlessly back at the club for Jimoh’s return, was eventually informed by his cousin that Jimoh had been forcefully taken away by Amuobunmosi.

The cousin could not drive the car because Jimoh still had the keys on him. It was Babatunde who reported at the police station when Amuobunmosi could not explain what happened to the deceased when he returned to the nightclub without him.

Our correspondent learnt that upon his arrest and detention at the State Criminal Investigative Department in Panti, Lagos, Amuobunmosi had made conflicting statements. Another source said, “Initially, Amuobunmosi had accused Olubunmi of killing Jimoh. Then, he recanted his story when he eventually came to face with Olubunmi, who accused him of threatening to kill Jimoh.

“Olubunmi openly blamed him for Jimoh’s death. Later, both men agreed that one of the guns went off when they were on their way to hand Jimoh over to the police. It was a fatal shot and Jimoh had died instantly.

“In a bid to cover up their mistake, Amuobunmosi was said to have driven to a remote part of the town, where they dumped Jimoh’s body in an open field. The body was recovered a few weeks later by operatives of the SCID Panti.”

When CRIME DIGEST contacted the Lagos State Police Public Relations officer Mr. Jospeh Jaiyeoba, he confirmed the incident. Jaiyeoba said, “Both Amuobunmosi and Olubunmi were armed on the night of Jimoh’s death. It has not been determined as of now who fired the fatal shot. An autopsy will be carried out on the body to aid investigation.”


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