Newlywed Bride Found Stabbed To Death In Wedding Dress

Newlywed Bride A newlywed bride has been found stabbed to death in her wedding dress in the bathtub of her home.

Police said they believe Estrella Carrera, 25, was a victim of domestic violence after she was discovered at her home in the Burbank area of Chicago.

Her family said she got married on Friday to the father of her youngest child. She had two children aged two and eight.

Two cousins said Carrera didn’t tell many people about the wedding, and simply called on the day to invite them to the party.

Her cousin Jaime Lopez said: “This just happened out of nowhere. It was so fast I couldn’t even make to the celebration.”

Sandy Lopez, another cousin, said she seemed happy on the phone, but for some reason “she didn’t want to tell me she had gotten married.”

According to her family the victim, who worked as a Spanish language translator, had an on-again, off-again relationship for about three years with the man she married.

She was last seen about 2am on Saturday as the festivities for the wedding wound down. She was supposed to pick up her children from her father on Saturday afternoon but never made contact.

When her family checked her home there was no answer and her car was gone. Police discovered her body on Sunday afternoon. She had been stabbed multiple times and was found in an empty bath. She had applied for a wedding licence on May 2.


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