The Story Of My Life – By Linda Ikeji

I started struggling since I was 17 to support my family. I said the day I sell my body to a man for money, may God strike me dead. I was determined to make it on my own, never let any man take my dignity.

It was early 2000, I was 19 years old, in my second year at the University of Lagos. I’d been a model for about a year and a half then. Modeling back then didn’t pay a lot. Sometimes you eat, sometimes you can’t find food. Sometimes you had money, sometimes you will have to beg for it. I’m not from a rich home. I started struggling since I was 17 to support my family.
Linda Ikeji
So I kinda hard a tough life growing up but I kept working, doing all sorts of modeling jobs, ushering, fashion shows, and at one point I sold beer at a hotel. I’d leave lectures, go to a hotel and sell beer from 1pm till 10pm. I did this for a few months. It wasn’t easy but I had to survive. One of the things I said to myself back then was, the day I sell my body to a man for money, may God strike me dead. I was determined to make it on my own, never let any man take my dignity.

In those days, most young girls had an “aristo” I was never one of those girls. I would rather starve or beg for food than give my body to a man for money.

So back to my story. It was early 2000, I hadn’t done any modeling jobs in a bit. I didn’t have any money in school, hadn’t ate a proper meal in days, there was no money at home… My sister called and asked if I could send money home…didn’t have any. I wondered what to do…then I thought of this ” aristo” who had been chasing me for months now…old man…married.. .rich…in his fifties.

I said to myself, why don’t you call him and beg him for money. Tell a lie, say you need it to go to the hospital ‘cos you’re sick or something that desperate. Which was what I did. What he said to me was ‘you know I like you. I don’t know why you’re behaving like a child. You need someone to take care of you blah blah blah’.

Eventually he said I should meet him at a hotel. I will never forget that hotel…Ambassadors hotel in Ikoyi. I was apprehensive about going but I was desperate…I said to myself what’s the worse that can happen? It’s not like he will rape you and there was no way in hell I would sleep with him, so I figured even if he didn’t give me the money I asked for, at least he would give me money for transport fare to go back home…that transport fare was what I was looking forward to honestly. I didn’t have a dime on me, in fact I borrowed small money from a friend to go to the hotel.

So when I got there, he bought me hotel food (my first real meal in days…:-)) and after I was done eating, he made his move. I shoved him off. He kept trying and I kept pushing him away and after a while he got angry and said something like, why did you come here then? Are you a child? He was angry that I made him pay for a hotel room, spent money on food etc and not give him what he wanted. So he got up to leave…and I told him I didn’t have any money to go back to school. If looks could kill, I would have died in that moment he turned to look at me. He left the hotel room, and I followed him. I kept begging and trying to explain to him that I didn’t have transport to go back, he didn’t say a word to me as he entered his vehicle and drove off.

I stood in front of the hotel wondering how I was going to get back to school. All I had on me was N15. N15 wasn’t going to take me from Ikoyi to Akoka. In my plans, I never imagined that I wasn’t going to at least get a few thousands from him. I’d seen this guy before…he was a friend’s boss. He owned a media business back then and every time I went to see this friend, this man would call me into his office…tell me how pretty I am, how much he likes me and how well he can take care of me.

And he always gave me 5k whenever I was ready to leave his office. But this time I was the one who called him…so he must have figured I was ready to give in. We both misunderstood each other, I guess…:-)

Anyway, after standing in front of the hotel for a few minutes, I went back in and saw a young man at the front desk. I explained my situation to him…he was kind enough to give me N100 and that was the money that took me half way home. By the time I got to Yaba, I’d run out of cash, so I trekked from Yaba bus stop to UNILAG Akoka. I remember saying to myself while I was trekking with tears in my eyes, that one day I’m going to make something of myself…every money I make in this world would be my own hard earned money…I don’t care how bad it gets, no man is ever going to take away my self respect…that’ s all I have!

And that’s the way I lived. Determined to make it in life. On my own terms. As my own woman. I kept struggling and struggling until God finally blessed me.

Now I have more money than I even know what to do with it. I make millions of Naira from what I love doing…blogging. The best part of all this is that I would blog for free. Now I don’t chase money anymore…it chases me. It’s not even just about the money, it’s the great friends I’ve met via this blog, the wonderful people I interact with here, the freebies I get. How much of a big deal I am to some people.

How some people see me in person and scream with excitement and want to take photos with me. Sometimes I pinch myself…I almost can’t believe this is my life.
Once in a while I think of that 19 year old girl who trekked for miles to school because she would not sell her body and I say to her, we made it, Linda, we made it!

So maybe I’m not a role model in terms of what I do, but I know I’m definitely a role model as a young woman. To all the young girls out there, if you’re reading this, you can make it on your own. You don’t need to spread your legs for men, you don’t need these old married men who just take your glory. You’re strong, you’re beautiful, there’s nothing you can’t achieve on your own. God has given you something no one else has. Find what it is and build yourself. Don’t worry about what other girls around you have. Dignity is far more valuable than a range rover. Make it in life on your own terms and as your own woman, so that you can look back one day and be proud of who you were and who you are.

I wish every one well in their journey. God bless.

Linda Ikeji

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  1. chukwuemeka Reply

    Linda God bless you for this provoking testimony. I want to believe that many young people reading this is challenged to stand up right no matter the condition today.

  2. Chuka Reply

    Thank u Linda…ur story is hinged upon absolute sincerity,forthrightness and determination…am realy glad for u.U hav inspired me.

  3. Ernest Reply

    since sombody like u still exist in dis perverse generation then I should be dear ur life story hav ignited me

  4. Macy Reply

    Inspiring story right there.
    At times we women think poverty is an excuse to lose our dignity.
    How can i start blogging??please email me.

  5. Thulani Reply

    This is very interesting story of a detemined soul. Young girls should find this a challange. Congratulations.

  6. Jennifer Reply


  7. emmanuel douglas Reply

    uv inspired me wid ur story n lyked da part of we hv smthn dts unique frm others.m hapy u med it….

  8. Ijeoma Reply

    God bless u my dear!

  9. Anonymous Reply

    eh hmm. men and brethren am speechless, because i believe that people like this are still in this our presnt generation where you see a girl of 10yrs will be raising her shoulders up and forcing her bottom to be ringing like a bell, why,becus a guy might have slept with her not even once or twice but serveral times and so she feels she is at the top of the world no one can talk to her anymore all she know is move from one joint to another and at the end of it all she will start blaming God forgetting that she was wonderfully uniquely made to suceed in life. my dear just want to tell you that if truely this your story is true the blessings of the lord will never cease from your life. infact am overwhelmed. May god rain more of his blessings upon

  10. Anonymous Reply

    This is an inspiring story..I see the POWER of DECISION at work. My dear, your story would really inspire and motivate many young people..God bless you real good

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Linda, as I read your testimony, I saw the picture of my life clearly spelt out… having an opportunity of doing what is wrong to succeed because of poverty and yet took a stand to say NO! I can’t. That was me also in my quest to succeed in life. If I must succeed, it must be in a right way. You are a woman, in my own case, I am a man. This is my first time of even seeing your picture. I have only hearing of you through Pat Ogidi, but today, I have heard from the horse’s mouth. I am greatly motivated and would encourage you not to lower your guard. God bless you.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    So tourching,inspiring l must say though never heard or see you before except thru Pat Ogidi reference n commendation l’m impressed. l believe one day my testimony ill also be read n watch by millions n billions of people out their. Mine is tedious n hard but God’s mercy n grace has kept me going. Their is alot of green light,soonest we shall meet up there.Dear l love u. Keep the good work going u r a blessed child. From LOLOBIZ.

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