Baby Born With Quran Named, Mom Converts To Islam

Notable Islamic scholars on Monday converged on 112 Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, to witness the naming ceremony of the baby born with Quran in his hand on 7 May, 2012.

After a lecture that lasted some minutes, an Islamic scholar, Ustaz Abdul Rahman Olanrewaju Ahmed, named the baby boy Abdul Wahab Iyanda Aderemi Irawo.

However, the Islamic cleric warned the baby’s mother not to liken or call the boy a Prophet of God.

He said it pleases Allah to bring the baby to the world in a miraculous way and that does not make him special from other children.

Other Islamic clerics who witnessed the naming ceremony included Sheikh Abdulraman Sulaimon Adangba, the Chief Missioner of Nasrulifathi Society of Nigeria, NASFAT, Alhaji Abdullahi Akinbode and his counterparts from Alifathiaquareeb Islamic Society of Nigeria, a.k.a Quareeb, and Dr. Ramoni Tijani.

Earlier on Sunday, the baby’s mother, Kikelomo Ilori, 32, a cosmetologist converted to Islam. She took the name Sherifat.

According to her, she was born a Muslim but later embraced Christianity.

The baby’s grandmother also embraced Islam and took a Muslim name.

Meanwhile, the venue of the naming ceremony was jam packed with traders who were making brisk business selling souvenirs of the miracle baby including T-Shirts, an almanac bearing the child’s photograph and other Islamic souvenirs.

Yesterday evening, the baby’s almanac/calendar was selling like hot cake at Iyana-Ipaja under the bridge where Islamic faithfuls gathered to behold his photograph in the almanac. Many of them bought copies of the almanac.

Controversy has trailed the birth of the baby. While some said it was impossible for a baby to be born with a miniature Quran in his hand, others argued that with God, nothing was impossible.

Medical doctors dismissed the story as a huge hoax.

Source: PM News

  1. Tejani Reply

    Asalam! Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! Alhamdullilah! Religion b4 Allah s ”ISLAM” & HE Allah hs promised dat HE ‘ll protect HIS Religion & dat ISLAM ‘ll surely gain victory in dis world weithr beings lke it or not, is a promise 4rm ALLAH & HIS promise never fails. The birth of dis child s a vivid manisfestations dat Allah’s Religion s ISLAM so dis s a clear worning 4rm ALLAH 4 those who Disbelieve & those who also practise any othr Religion beside ISLAM. Let those who ‘ve hears, hear, who ‘ve sight, see & those who ‘ve Knowledge, understand. As 4 KRIS, may Allah show hm d right path becos is abjectly lost, ameen. Jazakalahu khairan.

  2. Nabawiyya suleiman Reply


    • Yahaya algasuf Reply

      Jazakallahu kairan. Masha allahu la quwwata illa billah. Tnk u 4d comment.

  3. Taofeeq Alaso. Reply

    There is nothing difficult for Allah, this is not a miracle but it shows the sign of Allah.Adam was created with niether father nor mother,likewise prophet Issa(JESUS) as he has no father too,all these are shoeing the superiocity of Allah,therefore die not eccept you are a beliver(MUSLIM) I wish the baby long live & prosperity amin.

  4. Ogunleye Oluwaseun Reply

    Infact,this is wonderful and amazing.I believe personally that, God can do and undo.There is nothing My God cannot do.This is serious

  5. ESINNIYI Reply

    Alla is grat he can do want ever he want to do y peplle are dout ds my pepl pls have fath dunot dout god know pas us masalam.

  6. Adamu Ahamad Jikas Reply

    God can do what he like.

  7. Yahaya algasuf Reply

    Alhamdulillah. All praise 2 allah subuhanahu wata ala along. O allah we tnk u 4d little sign shows 2 onblivers, so dt sme wl undstnd dt there s no any such a worship mre dn 2 wrshipin u along. Allahu akbar, allahu akbar kabeeran, allahu akbar.

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