Husband Rapes 10-Year-Old Niece To Punish Wife

A man raped his 10-year-old niece to get back to his wife. After the incident, the man went back and told his wife about what he had done, however, the wife filed a complaint with the authorities only when the husband threatened to divorce her a few days later.

The husband was tired of his wife’s nagging. He took his anger out on his 10-year-old neice. He went to his wife’s brother’s place and took the little girl to their terrace on some pretext. He gagged and raped her there, reveals The Times of India.

His wife did not reveal the truth even after her husband gloated about it to her. It was only when he threatened to divorce her a few days later that she went to the police. The child’s parents also did not know anything about the incident.

Medical reports confirmed that the girl had been sexually abused. The reports also revealed that the man had inflicted burn wounds in her private parts.

  1. augustine Siyami Reply

    He’s a dog and he deserve a long time punishment,what did innocent do to deserve such evil abuse

  2. Adaigwe Reply

    The man must be a useless husband, why is he playing his stupidness on d poor girl, may God punish him all d days of his life.

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