Girl Born With “Mermaid Legs” Now Needs Kidney Transplant

Girl Born With “Mermaid Legs” Milagros Cerron, a child from Peru known as the “mermaid baby”, is in urgent need of a kidney transplant.
Now eight years old, Milagros Cerron was dubbed the “mermaid baby” because her fused legs resembled the tail of a fish.
In 2005, when Milagros, whose name means miracles in Spanish, was nine-months-old, doctors began the first of three operations to separate her legs.

Seven-year-old Milagros survived sirenomelia, or mermaid syndrome — a rare, usually lethal congenital malformation that fused her legs – but now needs surgery to reconstruct her urinary tract. The defect occurs in one out of every 70,000 pregnancies and there are only a three known cases of children with the condition alive in the world. Sironemelia is associated with kidney failure and gastrointestinal defects.


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    God is great.

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    wonders shall never end.

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    my prayer’s are for this child and her family!

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    What has happened to this child where is she now?

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