I Know Who Can End Boko Haram Bombings – Shehu Sani

Boko Haram President, Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRCN), Mallam Shehu Sani, has said that he knows the right person who can end the Boko Haram violence which had led to the death of hundreds of Nigerians and destruction of property worth millions of naira in the country.

Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Mirror in Kaduna, the human right activist said, “I can tell you if President Jonathan sees the value in my efforts and places a phone call and asks of one person who can offer a breakthrough in this Boko Haram insurgency, I am going to tell him that person who will do that.”

He said for now, he is not going to mention the name of the person and that he is not going to reach out to the government and say this is what it should do adding that he believes he has spoken and done enough.

“I can tell you that there is a person whom I believe if the president of this country wants to solve this problem, he must contact. He must break away from security chiefs, security contractors and entrepreneurs who will simply tell him to ignore what the likes of Shehu Sani are saying, deceiving him that they are soon going to crush and finish Boko Haram,” he said.

Sani, who once took former President Olusegun Obasanjo to broker peace with Boko Haram in Maiduguri, said ‘you cannot end Boko Haram menace by meeting in Minna, Abuja, Sokoto or Lagos’.

“You cannot end Boko Haram insurgency by organising seminars, conferences in five-star hotels. All these meet-ings that are going on are simply political meetings but not to zero in on how to end Boko Haram insur-gence. If anyone wants to convince me that he is determined to bring an end to Boko Haram insurgence and bring about peace in this country, I want to see that person physically going to Mai-duguri and Yobe State fre-quently,” he said.

“If the Sultan of Sokoto is the Sultan of Muslims in Nigeria, he should be seen in Maiduguri and all other meetings towards bringing an end to this violence. He should also shift to Maiduguri if the crisis and violence are emanating from Maiduguri and spreading to-ward central part of Nigeria. Then we should go to the source of the prob-lem”, he further said.

  1. Christopher Ayeni Reply

    I believe this human right activist that he once led former president Obasanjo to a peace talk in maduguiri,president Goodluck should not ignore this words of Shehu Sani,cos it ‘s the right step in the right direction.

  2. mr no name Reply

    shit, what u just said MR. is pointless

    • Nasiru Reply

      Mr no name : Do you have the point then? What we northern people are worried of now is the motive behind the bombings. Most of the targets are Our schools at all levels, Our commercial institutions, Our strategic cities and towns and even places of worship (Both Mosques and Churches). With all the arrests and exibits from raids, the Government is still yet to have a clue. At least their leader was running some Bank accounts before he died, why cant the government look into his account statement and see how his accounts are credited and by who. To cap over all these the government keep on moving in and out of talk with the BH. Think and be unbiased pls.

  3. saint Reply

    do gej ve ears?

  4. Abdullahi Bumsa Reply

    Mallam, sani u dem right he that call himself as sarkin musulmai,,,, he should be seen in Borno even once,,,,,, they all hypocritic leaders,,,,,, we will all assemble before ur creator

  5. Abdulrasheed Reply

    This is a very gud advice comrd, it shud be noted dat the use of gun or encounter cn never solv violence but a peace acord can. So president gudluk shud try comrd sani 4 a peaceful resolutn of this crises

  6. mustapha gotala Reply

    salam, is gud advance & let the mr president now dat shehu sani say the right thing. This security would not end this violence

  7. Zara Reply

    The FG re ol hypocrites, they wl nt do anytin if they wl, they cld’ve listen to the persn sent by the boko haram for reconciliatn, God wl judge us ol on d day of judgement wt d FG, nd we wl never 4give ol d leaders in Nigeria.

  8. abubakar Reply

    sarkin mudulmai has not don rigth to the muslim.their was an insident that happen in potiskum yobe state at the cattle market that leed to the lost of many life and propeties but he did not say a word.but he queckly rush to madalla were church was attack to shore his face. Well maybe it is cloose to Abuja that is why or he care’s more for them than his muslim brothes.

  9. IG Reply

    Before we all condemn the Sultan of Sokoto it is important to understand that the Sultan may be mindful of the fact that Borno is not part of the Sokoto caliphate and therefore not part of his domain. The title of Sarkin Musulmai refers to him being the Amir in the Sokoto caliphate. Yes, he can do some things like facilitating dialogue as suggested by Shehu Sani. But moving to Maiduguri, is not within the powers of the Sultan of Sokoto.

  10. Halliru Reply

    U ar ryt mr. Sani. Hwever, I m sorry. The leading portion of the society,particularly, the so-called Chieves nd politicians ar never willing nd determined 2 end Boko Haram killings. This is bcos d attacks never involved d mr. Gudluck, his carbinet, senators, house-members, Governors, traditional rulers or thier relatives.

  11. Revolutionner Reply

    You are wasting your time, Sani. The source of Boko Haram every boddy knows it. Their are many hypocrits in the Arewa Nigeria. And the bigest beyong them is the “so called “sarkin musulmi. From now i call all arewa people to combate all traditional rulers, from sokoto to ilorin; take them and kill them and their collaborators. If we do that, i am sure all the problems of arewa wil finish.

  12. Kada Reply

    Comrade Shehu Sani, no single person can end bokoharam insurgence in Nigeria. You should have mentioned those things which cause insecurity such as corruption, immorality, and egocentrism. These must be addressed if at all they want to tackle bokoharam. Sani, you are only trying to draw the attention of GEJ for your own favour. Look, what you’v said is nothing but a fairy tell. Think twise b4 you address

  13. Rukayat iliyass umar Reply

    Since the man knows he can not name the person why did he bring it out to the public to hear

  14. Awwal KIYAWA Reply

    What we really need Sincere , Truthful and God fearing leadership coupled with prayers.May God Help and Protect us all.amin.

  15. kaura Reply

    the only way to solve boko haram is revolution

  16. Alyu Reply

    Do u Mr, implies that is only the Sultan can end the violence. U r right anyway.

  17. Amina Dakingari Reply

    Saltan u need to help u people prof to us dat no one pay u

  18. Naalong Reply

    Hmm….. This one i as a Christian do not have a comment born and brought within Hausa/Muslim enviroment i know them very well woooo……..

  19. Shabab Reply

    Mr. Shehu sani through seeking advise of president will not solve any problem. Pls keep silent and maintain your dignity.

  20. confido tested Reply


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