Nigeria: Forget Presidency In 2015, AYF Tells Northern Govs

Babangida Aliyu-Governor of Niger State and chair of Northern Governors's Forum The Arewa Youths Forum (AYF) at an emergency meeting in Kaduna on Saturday told the Northern Governors Forum to forget about any Northerner becoming the president of Nigeria in 2015.

After several hours of deliberations, the national president of AYF, Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu declared that the body resolved that the governors should concentrate on the transformation of the Northern region rather than holding on to political permutation that may not come to fruition at the end of the day.

Resolutions reached at the end of the meeting were that the Federal Government and the Northern Governors Forum should explore all avenues, and means of dialoguing with the Jama’atuAhlis SunnatiLiddaAwati wal Jihad also known as Boko Haram.

According to the body, “Military option, from the look of things, would not solve this challenge and the interest of AYF is based on the fact that innocent and poor Nigerians have been at the receiving end of this assault.

“From the foregoing and with our understanding of the situation, there seems to be some deliberate moves by several interested parties to scuttle all moves to achieve meaningful dialogue between the government and the leadership of the sect.

“In addition, government must be firm and put at bay all forces working against the dialogue and the government and its officials must demonstrate a high sense of sincerity and commitment in tackling this threat.

“The cost of maintaining security in the North is quite alarming as it goes to the detriment of core development that we are lacking. It is worrisome in the sense that virtually all aspects of the most needed development are no longer feasible even in the nearest future, owing to the monumental destruction of lives; properties and our most cherished mutual way of life that hitherto existed irrespective of religion, ethnic and political inclinations.”

The AYF argued that just as integration progressions were going on in other regions of the country, it became pertinent for the North to forge a united front. “If we look elsewhere in Nigeria, there are series of integration agenda for purposeful development. It is clear that without unity, the North is finished in Nigeria. So all that can be done to sincerely get us out of this rot must be explored together,” it stated.


  1. Abdullahi Aliyu Yusuf Reply

    AYF now u realised the truth after it is too late 4 you

  2. Junaidu B Batagarawa Reply

    A kudos 2 AYF 4telling d Northern Governors a truth about what dey should do or concentrate,coz in 2015 no any Governor 4rm d North should tell us what 2do or who vote since we understand dat their interest alwayz came first b4 d interest of d region.D Governor’s shld rememba 3tins,power may,position may change,money may finish,death must came bt 1gud tin w’l 4rever…Hammmm!

  3. JB_Akpan Reply

    AYF Weldon for FRANK talk. In a country thriving on ethnicity and religious bigotry, your stand is uncommon and highly commendable. God in His infinite mercy will restore peace and unity to Nigeria.

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