I Found Out My Wife Is Not A Virgin After She Told Me She Was Before Our Wedding

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY A man has filed a court case against his expatriate wife accusing her of lying to him when she told him she was virgin just before their marriage nearly three years ago, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The man told the prosecutor that his wife has just revealed to him that she was not virgin when she married him but the woman denied his allegations.

“A case of this kind needs to be substantiated by a concrete evidence, which is against reason and logic in this case,” the woman’s lawyer, Didhan Al Mutairi, told the prosecution, according to Alanba daily.

He said his client would file a defamation case against her husband to “defend her honour and reputation”, adding that she would also demand damages since her husband did not produce any tangible proof.

  1. T man Reply

    Thy both mst be avin anoda pdoblem nt disclosed hia……..itz been 3yrz 4 GOD sake……..and thy r jst tlkin abt it nw

  2. Oyinlola ilori Reply

    Virginity cnt b prove by any outsider u knw

  3. Johnson Reply

    May b it wz untold truth dat wz let open by d wyf after tri yrs of marriage, pls ladys tell ur husbands d true bfre marriage dont start any rlationship wit lies

  4. aanu Reply

    Dis is nt an issue again cus is abt 3yrs nw dat dey re marrid so leav dem cus der is a secret issues btw dem which can cause divorce.pls do

  5. Nelson Reply

    I exactly understand what man is saying having gone in same situation. I myself was virgin and had arranged marriage where wife was supposed to be virgin too. we dated for 6 months before marriage and as a custom in Indian arranged marriage never had sex (or even kiss) before. after marriage for nearly 6 months wife did not allow me to come near me ( I later understood that marriage cannot be annulled in 6 months). After words we had sex may be once a three months. I tried to ask her for counselling but will always end up in her having tantrums or in her crying. Also please do not be fast to judge me because I tried all advises from websites of romantic guestures from couple of Hawaii trips to surprise gifts to awaken love which was never there. After we had kid sex totally stopped. I kept trying to get her having sex but her answer was why we need sex if we do not want more kids. Its very recently she revealed that she loved someone else before marriage and was not virgin which weighed on her during first few years. She feels I should be able to forgive her for years she gave in marriage but when I remember our newly married life when I was working at home cooking (she did not know how to initially) also working at office and having no sex trying to find what I have done wrong, it feels me with immense anger and resentment I do not know how to deal with. My wife is traditional and does not want to face counsellor or elders as that will humiliate her. I just carry through looking at my kid.
    These are the thigs you cannot get over because of no of years spent in marriage.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    I forgave my wife…she never admitted my suspicions.she goes in a coccoon and sad.ive never seen anything with my own eyes about this topic.she felt very looose…no blood on 1st time sex…i dnt know what to think…i have 4 kids,shez been faithful in our marriage of 12 years..The only thing you can do is forgive her for the sake of the kids…

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Where is my comment?

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