Man Rapes Daughter For 12 Years

Rape A Kuwaiti man raped his daughter for nearly 12 years since she was a child before she decided to report him to the police although she first told authorities she did not want him to be prosecuted.

The girl, now 22, walked into a police station in Houli area in the capital Kuwait City and asked to speak to the senior officer in private.

“The girl told the officer that her father has been sleeping with her like a wife since she was 10-years old after he divorced her foreign mother,” the Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Alwatan said.

“She revealed that she has lost her virginity because of this…she said she wanted a solution for the problem but did not want her father to be prosecuted to avert scandal… but the police officer persuaded her otherwise.”

The paper said the girl told police that she had run away from home many times but was forced to return because she could not find another place to live.

She said her father has never stopped sleeping with her, adding that he began doing so in 2000 when he divorced his wife.

Culled: Emirate

  1. Ibrahim Baba Saidu Reply

    Subhanallahi this is an animal act, God forbid and protect us from any sort of evil either big or small. Please help me and say ameen.

  2. Bashir Hassan Reply

    A father who could rape his daughter has comitted a heinous crime whose punishment need a vivid understanding before prosecution.infact its sexual exploitation.

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