50 Ugandans Deported From South Africa

Uganda's Entebbe Airport Police Commandant Moses Kafeero (R) says the deportees will not be charged because they were already punished by the deporting country. At least 56 Ugandans were deported from South Africa over immigration offences ranging from fake travel documents, loss of passports to expired visas.

The deportees arrived at Entebbe Airport on Friday aboard a Gulf Stream Operations plane flight number GBB151 and were handed over to the immigrations department and Interpol for further interrogation.

Entebbe Airport Police Commandant Moses Kafeero confirmed the arrival of the deportees but could not give details referring the matter to Interpol. “They were deported but we cannot do much with them because they have already been punished by the countries that arrested them. We will only help re-join them with their families but retain their contacts,” Mr Kafeero said.

Mr Ramathan Busiko, the Entebbe Airport Interpol officer, said they observed that majority of the culprits declare fake names before the Southern African Immigration department, which in the end causes them problems.

“We have information that majority of Ugandans in South Africa do not have serious jobs, with some acting as conmen while most of them conduct traditional healing services which make them obscure and end up fall in the wrong arm of government,” Mr Busiko said in a separate interview. He said majority of those implicated move at night, putting their passports at risk of being either stolen or them getting arrested and deported.

The directorate of immigration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs recently launched a campaign to inform the public about illegal immigration. On average, about 1,000 Ugandans are deported each month from different countries over different cases but mainly fake travel documents or expired visas.

In 2009, 82 Ugandans were deported January , 64 in February and 88 in March, according to police reports. About 178 of Ugandans were arrested in the United Arab Emirates, detained, fined, imprisoned and deported in the past three years, most of them guilty of prostitution, impersonation and possession of alcohol and illegal entry into the country.

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